Mitchell Johnson reveals why he NEVER watched an episode of The Test as Aussie legend weighs in on behind-the-scenes documentaries

Mitchell Johnson has admitted he has never seen a single episode of The Test as the Australian great tackled the latest series of the Amazon Prime documentary.

The third season of the Prime series, following the Australian cricket team, hits screens later this month, with cameras tracking alongside Pat Cummins during their tour of England last year.

It was a hostile Ashes series for the tourists, with the Jonny Bairstow saga lighting the fuse and no love lost between the teams.

Australia returned home with the Ashes to draw the series but Johnson, writing in his column for The West, shared his bewilderment at the rise of fly-on-the-wall schemes.

«Why are people interested in watching behind-the-scenes documentaries like Test?» he asked.

Mitchell Johnson has revealed why he never watched a Test

The new season of the documentary series will hit screens later this month

The new season of the documentary series will hit screens later this month

«I understand it gives the fans a glimpse into what’s going on in the dressing room. But still, why?

“I think as a former player I don’t fully understand not only the fans’ demand for it, but also why the current players are willing to let the cameras in.

“Athletes give it their all, their highs and lows happen on the field in front of crowds. But the locker room has always been a safe space for athletes.

«Even other sports have cameras in their locker rooms during these private moments. Then I saw these moments being criticized by many for various reasons.

“An explosion in the locker room after a bad day on the field is a pretty normal thing. Like throwing bats or gloves after a strikeout or a few choice words.

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«Now everything is visible and players are criticized for how they should behave as professionals. Somehow this is accepted as normal human behavior at club level, yet seen as a disgrace or unprofessional at the highest level.

“Maybe I’m off the mark here. Perhaps most bettors like this approach. Maybe it normalizes the athlete and that’s a good thing.

Johnson says he doesn't have to watch it because he's already experienced it

Johnson says he doesn’t have to watch it because he’s already experienced it

“Players today have different reasons for wanting to grow their profiles and are gaining bigger profiles outside the game, thanks to increased access like this, huge social media followings and the boom in contracts from the explosion of Twenty20 cricket.

«To each his own, but with that comes more responsibility and the risk of backlash when things don’t go your way or you react in a way that someone doesn’t like.»

Explaining why he never watched a Test, Johnson said: “Why should I need to? I lived that life and experienced it all, just in a different time.”

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