Motorcycle daredevil completes world premiere with stunning performance on Aussie pier

Australian daredevil motorcycle rider Harry Bink made history this week by becoming the first person to land a double backflip on a pier.

The world’s first stunt was successfully performed at Redcliffe Jetty in Queensland in front of a large crowd on Monday morning.

Bink, who had to stop the bike quickly to avoid crashing into the fence at the end of the pier, said he was excited to land the trick at Redcliffe, which will host the Fox Australian Supercross Championship in October.

«Doing it here on the pier, it was so rough,» Bink told News Corp.

Australian motorcycle rider Harry Bink became the first person to land a double backflip on a pier

Harry Bink (pictured) afterwards described the impressive piece as

Harry Bink (pictured) afterwards described the impressive piece as «rough»

«When I did the first spin, because we’re on the pier, I felt like I was so high up in the air, looking down at the water, and I also felt like I was three times up in the air.» than I usually do.

“Having everyone here watching was mental.

Bink recently told fans exactly how he does a double backflip in a video for Monster Energy.

«Once I get to that jump, I’m going to rip off the gas, wait for the top and pull as hard as I can,» Bink said.

“I slowly shift my weight to the center of the bike and let the bike spin around me.

«After one spin, I look a little bit, notice the fuzz, as soon as I feel myself falling, I sit back into the second spin – wheels down.»

Championship director Kelly Bailey believes the first race of the year will be a sell-out.

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«We’re thrilled to bring the championship back to Queensland, where we’ve always been so incredibly supportive,» says Bailey.

“Australian Supercross has had strong success in Queensland in the past – from Brisbane in 2019 to Coolum, Jimboomba and Toowoomba to name a few.

«The timing has aligned with the security of Kayo Stadium, where we believe the location, shape and size will create a world-class track and allow for a great crowd, atmosphere and weekend.»

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