Nicole Kidman and Lulu Wang in the shadows and silhouettes of «expats»

It is clear Nicole Kidman has a deep affinity for women going through torturous circumstances – Virginia Woolf ClockCeleste, a survivor of domestic violence Big Little Liesreturned Grace in Undoing. Her Prime Video series foreigners, which hits the streamer on January 26th, casts Kidman in perhaps her most harrowing role of all: Margaret, a mother of three whose youngest child mysteriously goes missing while the family lives abroad in Hong Kong.

«It’s never a day at work,» Kidman says of her penchant for playing almost broken women. “It’s a calling. It’s a draw. It’s intense, but it’s not a day at work.’

Based Janice YK Leenovel Expats according to, Expats was created Goodbye‘with Lulu Wang, who also directs each episode. Wang’s sprawling, sprawling limited series follows Kidman’s grieving Margaret; Hillary, the successful but unsatisfied wife she plays Sarayu blue; and cursed recent college graduate Mercy, played by a newcomer Ji-Young Yoo, as their lives intertwine in Hong Kong. In the six-part series, three women grapple with issues of race, class, privilege, religion and, most poignantly, home as they navigate their lives away from their native countries.

Vanity Fair sat down with Kidman and Wang at the Crosby Hotel, Kidman and Wang talked about staying afloat while tackling traumatic themes, lights and shadows, and the next generation of female directors.

Nicole Kidman as Margaret Expats.

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Vanity Fair: You both have experiences that are adjacent to each other. Nicole, you were born in Hawaii but grew up in Australia; Lulu, you were born in China and moved to the US when you were a child. Did that inform how you approached the project in any way?

Lulu Wang: Definitely. It was one of the main reasons I wanted to do this series because I saw it as an opportunity to really explore people in the diaspora. Hong Kong in particular is such a vibrant intersection of people from so many different places with so many different backgrounds.

Nicole Kidman: I was in Singapore to visit my sister as she was living there as an expat with her husband and children at the time. At first she gave me the book because she said, «Oh, you have to read this. This is my life.» I read it and saw him trying to get back to our family, my mother. I am in America going through a similar thing but not in the same way because I was born in the States. So there was something where I was like, «Oh, well, this is still part of who I am because I was born here.»

I think being an expat is primarily about living somewhere temporarily. You feel it has a beginning or an end. So it’s always like, «Well, when is it going to end?» That was what I was interested in. And then you have relationships and then all the family stuff because it’s all about family and home.

in ExpatsMargaret is going through potentially the worst possible thing that can happen to a mother – not knowing what happened to her son Gus. Nicole, how do you stay afloat when dealing with such a difficult subject?

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