Nikki Haley insists she can still beat Trump

Donald TrumpThe primary victory in New Hampshire last night means previously inconceivably the idea of ​​him winning the Republican nomination for president is now virtual certainty. Still, there is one person who thinks there is still a race, and his name is Nikki Haley.

Speaking to supporters Tuesday after running into second place in the Granite State, former South Carolina Gov. he declared«New Hampshire is first in the nation — not last in the nation,» he says, arguing that the race is «far from over.» «We’re going home to South Carolina,» she said later. (South Carolina’s GOP primary is Feb. 24.) Haley also told the crowd, «I’m dirty — and now we’re the last people standing with Donald Trump.» Noting that her opponent has been the party’s albatross around the neck in recent elections, Haley he added: “We lost in 2018, we lost in 2020, and we lost in 2022. The worst-kept secret in politics is how badly the Democrats want to run against Donald Trump. They know that Trump is the only Republican in the country who Joe Biden can beat.»

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In his speech on Tuesday, Trump he said to his supporters that Haley «failed miserably» and he later posted “DELLUSION!!!” on Truth Social after Haley declared that «the race is far from over.» This characteristic charm and likability was also evident last week, when the ex-president effectively excluded his competitor as a potential vice president, publicly calling her «not tough enough» and «not smart enough.» (Yes, this review is from the same person who once said they exist airport during the War of Independence and it the magnets were destroyed by the water.)

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According to polls conducted before the rally in Iowa Trump leads Haley in South Carolina, her home state, by about 30 points.

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