OpenAI launches GPT-4o model and new desktop application

OpenAI has unveiled major upgrades to its AI chatbot, which includes the latest update to ChatGPT GPT-4o, the introduction of a desktop app, and various other upcoming improvements announced in the OpenAI Spring Update.

New GPT model

A great reveal of the Spring Update is the launch of GPT-4o, the latest iteration of the GPT model, which is set to be deployed to ChatGPT users immediately. The API of this upgraded model boasts substantial improvements compared to GPT-4 Turbo with twice the speed, 50 percent cost reduction and five times increase in speed limits.

Starting today, the ChatGPT 4-o update will be rolled out gradually and will extend beyond premium users. OpenAI further disclosed that the GPT-4o will offer a limited amount of usage for free ChatGPT users, a substantial improvement over previous models such as the GPT-4, exclusively for ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

The official desktop application for ChatGPT

In addition to introducing the new model, OpenAI is about to release a new desktop application providing access to GPT-4o and various other GPT models. The desktop application will offer screen capture, voice recognition and seamless interaction through text, images and documents.

This is a debut The official desktop application of ChatGPTwhich offers improved convenience for users looking for seamless GPT access directly on their computers, eliminating the need to log in via a web browser.

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