Orios Venture returns INR 300 to Fund I investors

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Orios Venture Partners has returned ₹300 crore to Fund I investors, expecting higher returns this year. Launched in 2014 with a final close of ₹300 crore in 2015, Fund I focused on healthcare technology, consumer technology and e-commerce and invested in 18 companies.

Rehan Yar Khan, Managing Partner highlighted, «We are happy to have returned the 1x fund, which means that the corpus we invested with us is back with the investors and now remains positive.»

Despite the problems caused by Covid, the return trip took longer than planned. Expressing optimism, Khan said, «Hopefully such black swan events will not recur in our lifetime.»

Fund I concentrated on Marketplaces (27.07%), D2C (17.7%) and HealthTech (14.45%). Key portfolio companies include Country Delight, Pharmeasy, Intelligence Node and Zostel.

Reflecting on the evolving technology landscape, Khan said, “Technology has made its way across India and into the hinterland, from consumer internet to B2B, SaaS, EV, Climatetech and hardware.

Orios Venture Partners, now investing in its fourth fund, sees growth in India’s technology opportunities. Khan stated, «Looking back at Fund I, we see that the opportunity for startups has grown manifold.»

The company emphasized the importance of the return on capital, saying: «This is the beginning of an extended positive cycle.»

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