Pat McAfee accuses ESPN ‘rats’ – who pay him $17m a year – of SABOTAGING his show in an emergency airstrike against ‘the enemy in our own camp’

Pat McAfee launched a furious attack on some of his ESPN bosses on Friday, suggesting a «rat» at the network is trying to «sabotage» his show.

The fiery host, who is reportedly paid more than $17 million a year by ESPN, lashed out at «the enemy in our own camp.»

He even singled out veteran boss Norby Williamson, who has spent nearly four decades with the organization. McAfee accused the «executive editor and head of event and studio production» of leaking information and trying to derail the show.

His comments come after reports this week claimed the show was failing to stick with viewers who tune in to «First Take» earlier in the day. And that the show’s numbers are down from SportsCenter when it occupied the same spot last year.

This week, McAfee was at the center of controversy after Aaron Rodgers suggested in his weekly interview that Jimmy Kimmel might be on Jeffrey Epstein’s list of associates.

Pat McAfee launched a furious attack on some of his ESPN bosses on Friday

On Friday’s show, McAfee said: “We understand that more people are watching this show than ever before. We are very grateful to the people at ESPN for being very hospitable.

“Now some people are actively trying to sabotage us from ESPN. More specifically, I believe that Norby Williamson is the one attempting to sabotage our program.»

The former punter admitted he lacked concrete evidence to support his allegations.

«I’m not 100 percent sure — that’s just seemingly the only person who has information, and then that information somehow leaks out and it’s bad, and then it sets up the story of what our show is,» he continued.

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«Are we going to fight it every time from the rat?» I don’t know. But someone tried to pre-empt our actual rating publication with incorrect numbers 12 hours in advance.

McAfee singled out veteran boss Norby Williamson and accused him of leaking information

The show sparked controversy earlier this week after comments made by Aaron Rodgers (center)

«That’s an attempt at sabotage, and it’s been going on basically this entire season from some people who didn’t necessarily love the old Pat McAfee Show addition to the ESPN family.»

The presenter suggested that there are «a lot» of people in the organization who are trying to «take him down».

«We’ve heard them quoted anonymously in the (media) … it’s always the little things that try to pull us down,» he said.

“I don’t like the guy (Williamson), he left me in his office for 45 minutes in 2018 – no one showed me that, so the guy has zero respect for me and in return the same for a long time. ‘

McAfee added, «Even though this is happening, we’re still kind of growing.» has contacted ESPN and Williamson for comment.

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