Peter Dutton launches blistering attack on ABC’s Laura Tingle in 2GB interview with Ray Hadley: ‘Partisan Greens supporter’

Peter Dutton has branded ABC’s 7.30 chief political correspondent Laura Tingle a «Green-Labour stalwart».

Mr Dutton appeared on Ray Hadley’s Radio 2GB show in Sydney on Thursday to condemn Tingle’s comments at the Sydney Writers’ Festival last Sunday.

Speaking on a panel at the event, Tingle called Australia a «racist country», praised the Labor Party under Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and accused Mr Dutton of inciting violence against migrants.

On Thursday, Mr Dutton reflected on Tingle’s spectacular rant, saying her «credibility as a journalist is really above average».

«Laura Tingle has now presented herself as someone who is a partisan, a Greens/Labour supporter,» he said.

“I mean, she’s completely destroyed her credibility right now — but they’re going to keep her because that’s what’s going on at ABC.

“But as I say, I think it’s comical and you let them play their games.

Peter Dutton has blasted the ABC’s senior political correspondent Laura Tingle (pictured) as a «Greens/Labour party supporter»

Mr Dutton’s harsh words followed Tingle’s public rebuke from ABC news director Justin Stevens.

Mr Stevens said Tingle’s comments did not meet the ABC’s editorial standards and described them as «lacking context, balance and supporting information».

Tingle is one of the broadcaster’s most senior journalists and joined the elected staff on the board in 2023.

However, Mr Stevens said she was ‘consulted her notes’.

During Sunday’s panel, Tingle said she couldn’t remember the last time a senior party leader was seen «saying … everything that’s wrong in this country is because of migrants.»

“(I had this sudden flash of people showing up to try to rent a property or at an auction and they looked a little bit different – ​​however you define different – ​​(and) basically he (Dutton) gave them permission to be abused and at all times , when people feel like they’re missing out,» she said.

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Tingle accused Mr Dutton of «dog whistling» and said his call to cut immigration did not make «rational sense».

She also praised Labour, saying: “It’s not just about whether they got rid of Scott Morrison, they’re actually trying to govern, they’re trying to run the government, they’re actually trying to do policy.

«Whether you think politics is s*** or not, that’s another issue.»

Mr Stevens revealed on Wednesday that Tingle had been warned about misrepresenting the ABC at «external events».

Tingle accused Mr Dutton (pictured) of inciting violence against migrants during a panel at the Sydney Writers' Festival on Sunday

Tingle accused Mr Dutton (pictured) of inciting violence against migrants during a panel at the Sydney Writers’ Festival on Sunday

«While the remarks were conversational and not made in her work capacity, the ABC and its staff have unique responsibilities in the Australian media,» he said.

«Laura was reminded of their use at outside events as well as in her work and I advised her with those notes.»

The ABC’s chief executive, David Anderson, will be questioned about Tingle’s comments at a Senate Estimates hearing in Canberra on Thursday.

Despite receiving «counseling» for her rant, Tingle released a 1,380-word statement on Wednesday in which she described reporting her comments as creating «an opportunity for further anti-ABC backlash.»

“That’s not helpful for me or the ABC. Or to the national debate,» she said.

«I’m proud of my work as a journalist at the ABC across all its platforms and I’ve let that work speak for itself.»

Tingle also tried to play down her claim that «Australia is a racist country».

«I actually made the comment on Sunday that we are a racist country in the context of a discussion about future political prospects,» she said.

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“I didn’t say every Australian is racist. But we clearly have a problem with racism.’

The ABC’s editorial policy specifically states that its staff should not post comments that could «affect the perception of staff and ABC impartiality», even during external activities.

Opposition spokesman David Coleman described Tingle’s comments about Mr Dutton as «extraordinary and completely indefensible».

Tingle was publicly reprimanded by ABC news director Justin Stevens (pictured) on Wednesday.

Tingle was publicly reprimanded by ABC news director Justin Stevens (pictured) on Wednesday.

«In addition to her comments about Mr Dutton, Ms Tingle made another statement about her views on the Albanian government and the coalition,» he said.

“While every Australian is entitled to their political views, not every Australian is the main political correspondent for the ABC’s 7.30 program.

«The ABC needs to explain how Ms Tingle’s statements are compatible with her role at a taxpayer-funded broadcaster.»

The ABC did not respond to Daily Mail Australia’s request for comment on Monday.

ABC issues impartiality warning

ABC chairman Kim Williams told staff in March to remain impartial or leave the organisation, saying activism was not welcome on national broadcasting.

Mr Williams, who replaced Ito Buttrose as ABC chairman, said he would have little tolerance for journalists who failed to remain objective in their reporting.

«If you don’t want to reflect a view that aspires to impartiality, don’t work at the ABC,» he told host Monica Attard on an episode of The Fourth Estate podcast.

«I really think it’s a very serious problem.

«It is a publicly funded organisation, it is a publicly accountable organisation, it answers to legislation to the national parliament and must always strive to be as fair as it can be in its work.»

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