Premier League clubs will vote to scrap VAR from the start of next season

Premier League clubs will vote to scrap VAR from the start of next season

The Premier League will vote on a proposal to scrap VAR next month – but its chances of success have been described as «unlikely».

The Wolves have tabled a resolution to scrap the highly controversial system introduced in 2019 as a very significant and potentially historic move.

The proposal will be put to the clubs AGM in Harrogate on June 6 and will need 14 votes (out of 20) to pass.

Premier League sources say the competition will oppose the move and are confident they have enough support to block it.

They point to their figures showing an increase in correct decisions since the introduction of VAR from 82 per cent to 96 per cent and will instead urge clubs to focus on improving the speed of the system. Semi-automatic offside decisions are to be introduced next season.

The proposal is said to have been brought forward by Wolves, who had a number of VAR decisions against them during the 2023-24 season.

A club statement said the proposal came «after careful consideration and with the utmost respect for the Premier League, (the refereeing body) PGMOL and our competitors».

«There is nothing to blame,» it added. “We are all just looking for the best possible outcome for football – and all parties involved have worked hard to make the introduction of the next technology a success. “However, after five seasons of VAR in the Premier League, the time has come for a constructive and critical debate about its future.

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«Our position is that the price we pay for a small increase in accuracy goes against the spirit of our game and should therefore be removed from the 2024/25 season.»

A Premier League spokesman responded: “The Premier League can confirm that it will facilitate a discussion about VAR with our clubs at next month’s annual general meeting. Clubs are entitled to make proposals at shareholder meetings and we acknowledge concerns and issues surrounding the use of VAR. However, the league fully supports the use of VAR and remains committed, along with the PGMOL, to continually improving the system for the benefit of the game and the fans.’

Top insiders strongly believe that removing VAR would increase the number of wrong decisions. They point to semi-automatic decision-making and improved communication inside stadiums as the future.

Early indications are that clubs will side with the Premier League, but will use the vote as an opportunity to demand much-needed improvements to what they see as a flawed system. Negotiations between the two sides are scheduled to take place on Thursday.

Mail Sport understands that a number of clubs will be lobbying for greater investment in VAR systems with a specific focus on speeding up decision times.

There is a sense that it would be self-defeating to walk away from VAR so far into its existence.

Wolves highlighted VAR’s negative impact on goal celebrations, frustration on the pitch with a lack of feedback on lengthy decisions and a negative atmosphere with chants against VAR and the league as reasons for their call.

They also argue that VAR goes above and beyond its original purpose of correcting clear and obvious mistakes and reduces the accountability of officials on the pitch due to its «safety net» factor.

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Perhaps crucially, they also point out that the potential for human error remains and that VAR has fueled «nonsense allegations of corruption».

Last month, Sweden became the first country to reject the introduction of VAR following a fan backlash.

It is understood Wolves are hoping the supporters will buy into their stance and build an irresistible momentum ahead of the Yorkshire summit.

After being denied what they believed to be three clear penalties against Everton last month, Nottingham Forest posted a controversial tweet that appeared to question the integrity of VAR official Stuart Attwell.

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