Prepare plenty of PS5 space for Rise Of The Ronin. When will we download the game?

Rise of the Ronin’s PlayStation 5 release on March 22, 2024 is set to coincide with the game’s highly anticipated launch Dragon’s Dogma 2, making it a day of fierce competition between the two RPGs for players’ attention and purchases. However, it is worth noting that Rise of the Ronin will not be available in South Korea due to the historical context that is considered sensitive in the region.

For players eager to jump into Rise of the Ronin on release day, or those ambitious enough to tackle Rise of the Ronin and Dragon’s Dogma 2 at the same time, careful planning is essential. This includes being aware of the exact release time, whether the game can be loaded before release, and the download size to ensure there is enough space available on their PS5 console.

Developed by Team Ninja, Rise of the Ronin is expected to be one of the most prominent Exclusive to PS5 indicating the year. Created with mature players in mind, the game draws inspiration from previous Team Ninja titles as well as the critically acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima, promising an engaging experience for fans of the genre.

What is the download size of Rise of the Ronin?

The PlayStation Game Size Twitter account has provided crucial information regarding the disk space requirements for Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin. While the 96.343GB download size isn’t as astronomical as some of the industry’s biggest games, such as some entries in the Call of Duty franchise, it’s still a significant chunk of data.

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Gamers eagerly awaiting the release of Rise of the Ronin should take note of this requirement and ensure that they have enough free storage space on their PS5 console. With such a large file size, it is wise to check your console’s available storage and take all necessary precautions to install the game.

For those interested in internet connection speed, Rise of the Ronin will offer the option to start preloading from March 15th. The game will officially launch on March 22nd and the files will be available for download from midnight. This preloading feature is a convenient option for players, ensuring that they don’t have to spend half the day of the premiere downloading files.

Rise of the Ronin release time

Rise of the Ronin is scheduled for release on March 22, 2024 at midnight local time, in line with Sony’s usual practice of launching games regionally at midnight. Unlike the Xbox Series X|S, where players can sometimes access games early by changing their region settings (known as the «New Zealand trick»), this method won’t work on the PS5. PlayStation accounts are tied to specific regions and changing the region isn’t a simple process like it is on Xbox.

Both Standard and Deluxe editions of Rise of the Ronin will be available on the same day, with the more expensive version not included in the Early Access period. This means that players will have access to the full game at the same time regardless of which edition they purchase.

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Is there a preload available for Rise of the Ronin?

Preloading Rise of the Ronin on your PS5 allows you to download the game files before the release date. This means that once the game officially launches on March 22nd, 2024 at 12pm local time, you can start playing right away without having to wait for a lengthy download.

Preload for Rise of the Ronin will be available starting March 15, 2024 at 12:00 PM local time. This gives players a whole week to download the game and make sure they’re ready to dive into the samurai adventure once it’s available.

Preloading is especially beneficial for players with slower internet connections, as it allows them to download large game files over a longer period of time, minimizing the risk of lag or problems on launch day. All in all, preloading Rise of the Ronin is a convenient way to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience from day one.

Many gamers are hoping that Rise of the Ronin will be worth the wait and will be an exceptional addition to this year’s PlayStation lineup.

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