Princess Charlotte and Mia Tindall shared a sweet moment on Christmas morning

Princess Charlotte and her cousin Mia Tindall they’ve secured a special bond since they were young, if a clip from the royal family’s Christmas festivities is anything to go by.

Charlotte, eight, and Mia, nine, were spotted sharing a sweet moment during the traditional Christmas Day walk from the royal family’s Sandringham estate to the holiday service. The extended royal family gathers to walk around and greet the assembled public onlookers – and sometimes pick up some gifts too.

IN clip posted on TikTokwe see the royal youth joyfully serving the multitudes, p prince george (second in line to the throne after dad prince william) poking little brother prince louis (he of the notorious Resting Mischief Face) to show him the teddy bear he got. Charlotte, already holding an armful of flowers, can be seen leaning towards Mia as she offers her another bouquet and says with a smile: «Take them». Mia obliges with a sweet smile of her own before returning to her cousin’s side.

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Mia is the oldest child Mike Tindall and Zara Tindallwho is a daughter Anne, Princess Royal and William’s cousin. Adult cousins ​​and their families have their own special bond and speak fondly of their time together. The Tindalls have two other children, 5 years old Lena and a 2-year-old Lucasclosely matching William and Kate Middletonthe trio of children and their age range (George is 10 and Louis is 5, Charlotte remains 8).

While hosting on Mike’s The good, the bad and the rugby podcast, William and Kate talked about their competitive natures and all the parents who coached the kids during the family races. Mike also recently revealed his a very relatable, slightly teasing nickname for Prince William: One-Pint Willy.

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It would seem that the next generation is more than ready to maintain the friendly camaraderie of their parents in royal style.

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