Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Australian Open AGAIN by demonstrating during women’s singles final between Aryna Sabalenko and Zheng Qinwen

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted a second match at the Australian Open, this time disrupting the women’s singles final between Aryna Sabalenko and Zheng Qinwen.

Zheng – trailing the defending champion by a set – was preparing to serve to get on the board in the second set when Rod Laver Arena was disrupted by the shouting of a number of protesters.

Both protesters waved Palestinian flags before being quickly removed by security guards.

Their cries of «Free Palestine» were met with patient frustration from both players on the court – and shouts and jeers from spectators watching the final.

After a minute’s delay, Zheng was able to finish her serve but was unable to force a third set, falling to Sabalenkova 6-3, 6-2.

A pro-Palestinian protester protested during the Australian Open women’s final

Two protesters rose to their feet in the second set and shouted their message around the stadium

Zheng Qinwen was forced to wait as she prepared to hold her serve for the first time in the second set

Saturday’s protest is the second time matches in Melbourne have been called off due to protests against the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Britain’s Cameron Norrie saw his clash with Alexander Zverev interrupted by a lone protester throwing leaflets onto the court behind the German, who was about to return Norrie’s serve.

In that case, security intervened slowly, and the demonstrator was escorted out by two spectators eager for the return of the players.

The leaflets appeared to call attention to «war crimes and genocide» and carried the slogan «Free Palestine» in an attempt to raise awareness of the raging conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

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Defending champion Aryna Sabalenková was forced to watch and wait for the game to continue

The protesters were removed by security to the sounds of whistling from around the stadium

A protester threw leaflets in support of «Free Palestine» during Cameron Norrie’s match in Melbourne on Monday.

Norrie, who was preparing to serve for the match, appeared confused by the disturbance on the field

«While you’re watching tennis, bombs are falling on Gaza,» the pamphlet read.

Australia is a close ally of Israel. Australia is complicit in war crimes and genocide”.

In July, Just Stop Oil protesters disrupted matches at Wimbledon and Norrie’s compatriot Katie Boulter was also the victim of an unexpected delay.

Willian group member John Ward ran onto Court 18 during Boulter’s clash with Daria Saville and threw orange confetti onto the hallowed grass.

A protester evaded multiple security checks in an attempt to derail attempts at a protest by bringing confetti in a Wimbledon jigsaw puzzle.

Grigor Dimitrov’s match against Sho Shumabukuro was also interrupted earlier in the day by a similar protest, but due to the use of ticker tape rather than the group’s trademark orange dust, play was quickly resumed in both matches.

After the protest, Mr Ward said: “I hate to make a racket but I don’t want my grandchildren, nieces and nephews to suffer. Right now, millions of people are being forced beyond the conditions necessary to support human life.”

Last year’s Wimbledon was disrupted by Just Stop Oil protesters who threw orange confetti onto court 18

Katie Boulter was seen helping the ball boys and girls collect the orange confetti that was thrown on the floor

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After being escorted from court, Ward was later arrested on suspicion of trespassing and criminal damage.

The grounds have sought to combat future – or inspired – protests in a similar fashion by banning the sale of souvenir jigsaw puzzles in the official Wimbledon shop.

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