Queen Elizabeth insisted on serving Joe Biden during their last tea party

From her public role to its colorful appearanceThe Queen Elizabeth II. she insisted on serving until the very end. According to the biographer Robert Hardman and his new book The Making of a King: King Charles III and the Modern Monarchy, It turns out the late queen was just as generous behind the scenes. First Lady Jill Biden he told Hardman when the president Joe Biden and the late queen drank their last cup of tea together, the queen insisting that she be the one to hold the teapot.

The last meeting between the President and the First Lady with the Queen took place during his state visit to the United Kingdom in June 2021 and she invited them to enjoy tea with her. “Joe and I just decided to participate,” she said People. «We went to her apartment. And I loved her sense of independence. She had a large teapot. And Joe said to her, “Here, let me help you.” But the Queen was quite insistent. ‘No no no. Sit down,” she told the president. «I will serve you.»

The Queen also expressed interest in how things were developing in the US. «Here she was with this big kettle pouring tea and we had the best time because she has such a sense of curiosity,» continued Dr. Biden. different people and different events.» She added that eventually the Queen’s «little dogs» came.

The Bidens later returned to the nation to attend the late queen’s funeral in September 2022. Jill told Hardman that she felt they had a personal connection because of her long public career. «We all grew up with the Queen,» Biden said. “She was such a big part of our lives. She was just always there and she felt like she always had been – a truly beautiful, magnificent, wonderful woman.”

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