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The current recruitment scene in the Indian hospitality segment is not exactly promising. With a turnover rate of more than 30% and a fragmented recruiting process that resembles a jigsaw puzzle, restaurants and job seekers alike find themselves on a difficult journey in the country to follow their professional passions.

Historically, the hospitality recruitment process has been a disjointed mix of approaches: relying on referrals, visits, WhatsApp redirects and third-party websites. Restaurateurs usually start by creating a job description and reaching out to their network for referrals. If this approach proves ineffective, they turn to national employment offices, which often attract candidates from outside the hospitality industry. As time becomes a constraint, they resort to WhatsApp redirects and agencies to manage the recruitment process. However, this complexity, while useful, can lead to a limited pool of candidates and perpetuate biases within the workforce.

“Due to our expansion plans and high attrition rate, we are hiring every month for both new and existing positions,” admits Pritpal Singh of Toscano India to the Recipeat team.

Restaurant groups without a strong HR team find themselves in a soup when recruiting. The presence of multiple recruitment channels and different requirements make sourcing and screening a tedious task. «On Recipewe streamline all recruitment channels under one dashboard and help recruiters seamlessly track their candidates at various stages,” quoted Ramvaibhav Kumaran, co-founder of Recipeat.

With Recipeat, restaurants can now use a unique intelligent connection across all their recruiting channels to source and screen candidates in one place. The platform identifies the source of the job seeker and helps the recruiter connect with the candidate instantly.

Additionally, the industry’s high turnover rate means restaurants are in a constant state of hiring. From attending college job fairs to leveraging the power of social media platforms like Instagram, restaurants use a variety of tactics to find suitable candidates. In addition, in the search for talent, they often resort to the services of expensive recruitment agencies. Some facilities, faced with a shortage of local candidates, send their single HR representative to universities and training centers to personally screen potential employees. However, this approach is not without risks, particularly as hotel groups maintain direct partnerships with educational institutions, facilitating preferential placement of candidates based on brand affiliation. For independent restaurants, securing the right staffing approaches a risky gamble in a landscape fraught with challenges, including exorbitant fees and a lack of transparency and accountability.

For example, in Bangalore, a high-tech city known for its bustling food scene and youthful demographic, restaurants are prioritizing agencies, social media and visitors to attract new talent. Meanwhile, in the cosmopolitan hub of Mumbai, known for its vibrant culinary culture and diverse population, businesses can rely more on traditional methods such as job fairs and personal referrals to source candidates. Despite these regional differences, fundamental turnover and recruitment issues persist in both cities, requiring innovative solutions for sustainable staffing.

With Recipeat, their clients are able to address these issues by finding all levels of hospitality candidates in one place. In Bangalore and Mumbai alone, Recipeat’s database includes more than 30,000 candidates for recruiters to draw from.

Apart from them, agencies in particular represent a significant problem in the hospitality industry. Many staffing agencies operate in a fragmented manner, each with different fees and exchange policies. This lack of standardization not only complicates the hiring process, but also leads to confusion and frustration for both restaurants and job seekers. Additionally, some agencies take advantage of their position by charging exorbitant fees or engaging in unethical practices such as the use of substitution policies, further exacerbating the challenges facing the industry.

“We have partnered with over 48 agencies in Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra,” explains Adrien Jasserand. Recipeat is currently running pilot projects for organizing local agencies by acting as an intermediary between restaurants and these recruitment agencies, offering a three-month guarantee and a consistent flow of demand and qualified job applicants for both parties involved. Thanks to these partnerships, Recipeat has seen its job applicant database grow by 60% month-over-month. At the same time, Recipeat works closely with agencies to ensure compliance with our standards and procedures, enable quick payouts and redistribute rejected candidates across multiple offers.” Through this initiative, Recipeat has streamlined the sourcing and placement process for both restaurants and agencies, bringing much-needed organization to the sector .

“Restaurants can now say no to managing multiple platforms or getting bogged down in paperwork – Recipeat streamlines the process, saving time and resources,” said Ramvaibhav Kumaran, co-founder of Recipeat.

Automation is at the heart of what Recipeat does. Through WhatsApp, they make it easy to schedule interviews and communicate with candidates, making the process more convenient for everyone involved. Candidates no longer have to navigate the recruitment maze alone – they simply submit their resume and connect with a recruiter.

In an interview, Priyaa Ranjan, Head of Guest Relations and Operations at Monkey Bar, shares her experience with Recipeat’s recruitment solution. She highlighted the challenges she faced before turning to Recipeat.

«I found the perfect job for me with Recipeat. In less than a week I was paired with Monkey Bar and we both felt it was a good fit. I couldn’t be happier,” Priyaa Ranjan expressed the effectiveness of the Recipeat platform in connecting job seekers with suitable positions.

All in all, Recipeat isn’t just another recruitment tool – it’s the standardization recruitment needed for the hospitality industry. They are reshaping the way restaurants hire their employees. Recipeat is one of the 6 promising startups under Gruhas Gusto – 6-month acceleration program from GruhasJubilant Bhartia Family Office, Saber Ventures (DLF Family Office), and Anthill Ventures

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