RICHARD EDEN: The real reason King Charles won’t see Harry, revealed to me by Palace insiders

Reports spread that the Duke of Sussex had planned to see his father during a visit to London this week – and surprise, even shock, when no such meeting took place.

As Prince Harry’s newly appointed British spokesman explained on Tuesday: «In response to numerous inquiries and ongoing speculation about whether the Duke will meet his father in the UK this week, unfortunately this will not be possible due to his Majesty’s full schedule.»

The Duke, he continued, «understands his father’s diary of engagements and various other priorities and hopes to see him soon».

The Duke of Sussex meets the public at The Invictus Games Foundation’s 10th Annual Service at St. John’s Cathedral on Wednesday.

However, friends of King Charles and Queen Camilla I have spoken to are not the least bit surprised.

King, 75, has only met his younger son once – and that meeting lasted no more than 30 minutes – since he was diagnosed with an unnamed form of cancer more than three months ago.

Harry rushed straight from his home in California after the announcement of Charles’ illness – but soon headed back to the airport after the briefest meeting with the king.

Why might His Majesty have decided not to see his younger son this week?

«She doesn’t need drama in her life,» one friend explained.

“Harry and Meghan have brought nothing but trouble to him and the rest of the family in recent years.

King Charles had long wanted to use his position to make an impression.

Friends of the King and Queen told the Mail's Richard Eden that the monarch has decided not to meet Harry this week because he

Friends of the King and Queen told the Mail’s Richard Eden that the monarch has decided not to meet Harry this week because he «doesn’t need drama» from his embittered son in his life.

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Meghan, Harry, Charles and Princess Kate are pictured at the 2018 Trooping of the Color before the Sussexes left the UK for the US.

Meghan, Harry, Charles and Princess Kate are pictured at the 2018 Trooping of the Color before the Sussexes left the UK for the US.

He founded the Prince’s Trust in 1976 to help vulnerable young people get into the right schools. He later promoted traditional architecture and became a passionate environmentalist – these are just a few examples of his many interests.

«It may sound strange in some ways, but the cancer diagnosis gave His Majesty even more energy,» another friend told me.

“He has spent decades waiting for the king, of course, and he realizes that his time may be very limited.

“So he’s determined to make the biggest change possible – as soon as possible.

“Honestly, Harry and Meghan are a painful distraction he could do without.

The king returned to his public engagement last week – visiting a cancer center – although he has not yet completed his own treatment.

And the Queen gave an insight into her husband’s sense of urgency when she told a guest at the Buckingham Palace reception: «I think he was really excited to be out.»

She added eloquently, «I tried to hold him back.»

It is understood the Sussexes are yet to apologize for their highly personal and very public criticism of the royal family.

They say they continue to insist on this in private they they are the ones who deserve an apology.

From everything I hear, there will be no rapprochement between the Sussexes and the Royal Family until Harry and Meghan apologize for the suffering they have caused.

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I understand it is particularly difficult for the royal to forgive the remarks Harry made in his explosive memoir Spare – in which the duke portrayed his stepmother Queen Camilla as a «villain» who left him as a «body on the street» in a year of her desire to rehabilitate own image.

It was no coincidence that one of the Queen’s closest and most discreet confidantes, the Marchioness of Lansdowne, chose to speak out last year about the pain Harry’s comments had caused.

«Of course she’s troubled, of course she’s hurt,» Lady Lansdowne said at the time.

«Her (Camilla’s) philosophy is always, ‘Don’t worry about it and it will settle down – to say the least, fixed as soon as possible.’

Until Harry apologized for the hurt—at least in private, if not in public—meeting his father might be difficult.

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