Rudy Giuliani Accused of Using Bankruptcy Filing to Bail Election Workers $148 Million in Owes

When Rudy Giuliani was ordered last month to pay Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, election workers in 2020 he slandered, nearly $150 million, a loud response heard «around the world something like, ‘There’s no way he’s even close to that kind of money.'» But clearly he has some moneywhich is why Freeman and Moss vilify his decision file for bankruptcy protectionwhich they say is an attempt to get out of paying them a dime.

For CNNmother-daughter duo allegedly va submission to court They tried to collect some of the money they were awarded on Thursday, days after a jury ordered the former mayor to pay the women $148 million. But they couldn’t do so because Giuliani filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. .) “If Mr. Giuliani really wanted to appeal the Freeman Litigation, all he needed to do was No filing for Chapter 11 protection,” attorneys for Freeman and Moss wrote in the filing. They added that Giuliani has a «history of engaging the justice system in bad faith» and that his tactics are an apparent attempt to «retain creditors» and «eviscerate their legal rights.»

Lawyers for Freeman and Moss argued Thursday that Giuliani incredibly continued to defame the two women even after he was found liable and ordered to pay them huge sums of money. (Vanity Fair has reached out to Giuliani’s spokesman for comment.)

In testimony last month, Mossi he said jurors that after the former mayor spread malicious, unsubstantiated claims about her and her mother, “I feared for my life. I literally felt like someone was going to come and try to hang me and there was nothing anyone could do about it.” She he added: “I am very nervous now. I have such non-stop anxiety sweats. I have a lot of dark moments. I don’t go out anymore. I will not get caught anywhere alone, never…. I look completely different; I gained about 70 kilos. I stress eat. i cry a lot I’m just a whole new stressed out person.” Freeman read a selection of terrifying messages she received as a result of Giuliani’s decision to put a target on her back, which included: «Kill yourself now so we can save the ammo,» and «I hope the federal government hangs you and your daughter outside the Capitol dome, you traitorous piece of shit!» I’m praying I’m sitting close enough to hear your necks snap.» She told the jury: «My life is just messed up. It’s all really messed up because somebody dialed me.»

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