SAUCY SECRETS: My partner dialed me and I heard something unforgivable… what should I do?

dear Jana,

My partner went to a sissy party last weekend and accidentally rang me when he organized an escort to the house he and his friends had rented for the weekend.

I haven’t broken up with him yet, but I’m heartbroken. Do you think it’s cheating if he slept with an escort? How do I bring it up?

Dear Alice,

If you had asked me this question a few months ago, I would have been shocked. Shocked I tell you! But I recently asked my strong male followers to tell me what happens at granny parties during one of my Monday night Saucy Secrets Instagram confessions, and to say my jaw hit the floor would be an understatement.

Sure, I think we all know about the beers, strippers, and ridiculous harassment rituals that men take part in during these debauched events. But what I wasn’t prepared for was the deep sexual undercurrent. Infidelity, experimentation, escorting, pack mentality.

Bucks parties are not for the faint hearted and unfortunately yes, the escort can play a role. But do I think it’s cheating? Technically yes. Not emotionally. Now hear me… When men come together they encourage each other. While us women happily attend ‘life drawing’ classes on our hens and giggle as we paint our cocks, many men tend to take it to a whole new level.

Jana Hocking shares her best Saucy Secrets – and brand sassy advice

He thinks it’s ‘just a bit of fun’ to dip his pen into someone else’s inkpot. It’s not some kind of deep connection, it’s simply an exchange of services. And while it may seem gross, it’s also not uncommon, with a recent survey revealing that one in five men have used an escort service.

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Too bad you overheard what they were up to, you really did. But you want to take it easy. Nothing is solved by yelling. He’ll want to deny it at first, so don’t expect all the answers straight away.

Simply tell him how you felt and let him walk away and process two things: First, that you know; and second – the impact it had on you.

If he really cares about you, he will feel guilty. If he responds with anger, then it’s clear he’s crazy and it’s time to say too-ta-loo.

Men. Can’t you just get turned on by the way the tits wiggle in your face? Why do you have to be so EXTRA?

dear Jana,

I consider myself an equal. All my life I have dated men and enjoyed their company and sex.

But recently I discovered sexual feelings for a new girlfriend. She is feminine, very attractive and the way she interacts with me seems to be flirtatious.

When we’re together, I can’t stop thinking about her. Can sexuality change later in life?

Dear Coco,

Umm… if you haven’t had a crush on at least one friend of the same sex, have you even lived? I remember mine clearly. It was in high school and she was the first of our group to get breasts. I don’t know if it was FOMO that I don’t have my own set of ta-tas yet or just the fascination, but I just know that I wanted to touch them.

I too have gone through the existential ‘what does that mean?’ for a while, but then I nudged a guy named Ben with big brown eyes and broad shoulders and happily headed that way.

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I don’t think it means you’ll change your sexuality completely, I think it just caught you by surprise. As I have said time and time again – sexuality is on a spectrum.

Jana shares advice on what to do when your partner has used an escort

Jana shares advice on what to do when your partner has used an escort

There are those who sit tight at one end, known as «totally straight,» and those at the other end who are «totally gay,» and then that wonderful space in the middle where people sit all around.

They can be 80 percent straight and 20 percent gay. Or 50/50 or 30/70. Some may move a little to the left from time to time, others a little to the right.

Nothing in life is absolute, so why do we put sexuality in such strictly marked boxes? We humans are notorious for our shape-shifting ways.

This is why there are sayings like «gay at the gates» when people go to prison. Because we are sexual beings, even when we are locked away and far from our usual «type», we can still crush each other. No matter how short.

Ask any guy who’s been to boarding school. In fact, even Benedict Cumberbatch hinted at experimentation during his visit and is now apparently a happily married man.

And then there are the famous words of our queen Samantha in Sex and the City, who said, “I’m trisexual. I’ll try anything once.»

So why not fool around? Only then will we find out what we like. No need for an existential crisis. Just a good dose of research. Perhaps our preferences are not determined by the genitalia, but by the person. I know. Groundbreaking.

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dear Jana,

My boyfriend has permanent bad breath. How do I deal with him without hurting his feelings? It really gets on my nerves.

Jana Hocking (above)

Jana Hocking (above)

Ok Sophia, I’ve been in this situation before so I’ll tell you what worked for me.

I subtly said that I was going to the dentist that week for a long overdue appointment. Then, oh-so-casually, I said to my friend, ‘When was the last time you were?’

When they tell you something crazy like, «Oh, years ago!» You can act mocking and say “Right! I am booking you for this week.

If they struggle with this, tell them an outrageous story about someone who put off a dentist appointment and then had to have all their teeth removed. Scare them into the damn dentist’s chair for a good cleaning.

And I’m telling you, nothing makes you want to embrace flossing more than a disapproving grunt from a dentist staring deep into your mouth.

Breath sorted. Also, make sure you always carry a mint pack. The old «Would you like a piece of gum?» is good for quick fixes in an emergency.»

What do you think?

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