Spotify raises prices twice in less than a year

Following the July 2023 price hike and ahead of the launch of the Supremium tier, Spotify is raising prices again in the US. Customers can expect an email notification in the coming month detailing the upcoming changes.

The email reads:

Thank you for being a Premium Subscriber: Starting with your billing date in July, your subscription price will change from $10.99/month to $11.99/month.

We’re raising the price of Premium Individual so we can continue to invest in and innovate our product and feature offerings to bring you the best experience.

Spotify justifies its latest price adjustment as essential for users to continue to discover and enjoy music, podcasts and audiobooks. The company emphasizes the need for continuous investment and innovation in its products, even if this entails occasional price updates.

Coincidentally, this price increase comes shortly after Spotify announced the discontinuation of its Car Thing hardware product. Although users expressed frustration with this sudden decision, the subsequent Spotify price increase a week later, their sentiment toward the music streaming service is unlikely to improve.

Bloomberg was the first to report on the potential price increase in April. While the publication anticipated Spotify’s announcement of various changes, including a cheaper tier without audiobooks, it appears the music streaming platform has decided not to provide more options. Instead, Spotify decided to keep all paying users at the more expensive tier, regardless of their usage patterns.

But Spotify has yet to reveal its upcoming «premium» subscription plan, which promises high-fidelity audio, audiobooks and other features.

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Although an Apple Music subscription it doesn’t offer audiobooks as an incentive, it provides Dolby Atmos tracks, Hi-Fi quality and access to Apple Music Classical, all included in the subscription and offered at a more affordable price.

With service fees on the rise, it remains uncertain how soon US consumers will begin to explore alternative options, especially given the availability of the Apple One subscription, which offers a number of additional benefits at a lower price.

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