Startups should create a digital salesroom to increase customer interaction

Coping with reduced budgets and continued economic uncertainty, today’s buyers are scrutinizing offers and asking more questions. An analysis states of SaaS purchasing identified a shift to value-focused spending as a defining trend in SaaS purchasing in 2023.

Judgment? Buyers are increasingly scrutinizing purchases, and sellers are under pressure to deliver value in every customer interaction.

So how can salespeople provide value beyond interactions during meetings and sales calls? Revenue teams must create new ways to connect and communicate with customers. I founded Mindtickle, a sales readiness platform, in 2011 to address this issue and help companies prepare their sales teams to tackle all the challenges. Closing deals is a skill that can be learned, and I’ve found over the years that it comes down to creating a personal, transparent relationship with each customer.

Digital retail spaces offer a new way to achieve just that. Winning sales organizations have now started using digital sales rooms (DSR) introducing customer capabilities into the sales enablement ecosystem to create a more interactive and engaging customer experience.

Combining DSRs with sales enablement tools

Buyers are increasingly scrutinizing purchases, and sellers are under pressure to deliver value in every customer interaction.

Digital salesrooms are online microsites where sellers can customize and share contracts, joint action plans, sales content and more with customers. It creates a unique link that customers can access and return to at any point during their customer journey. It is also a unique platform for sales representatives and managers to track every action and process throughout the journey. It’s a great place to share and store content like product demos and recordings of your conversations.

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Assets are traditionally sent as a file or folder via email, ultimately leading to information loss and customer disengagement. With the advent of DSRs and the maturity of on-demand content libraries, customers now have a single link where all this content is stored, helping them access information more easily and keeping them more engaged. In addition, it gives sellers the tools to become more adept at customizing the customer experience for each offer.

But now there’s an added benefit: these rooms can also facilitate the training and coaching of representatives. Sales enablement and RevOps teams can observe interactivity—how customers interact with content and how their reps respond—in winning DSRs for sales reps, and then feed that knowledge into training programs.

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