Stripe a secondary business worth noting

Venture capital investors i founders hope — pray? — for exits to return in 2024. Recent TechCrunch+ review found that there is a consensus among VCs that output will start to recover this yearbut when and how are still unclear.

However, the consensus is that fintech Stripe will go public this year. The investors surveyed are apparently not the only ones excited about Stripe’s possible exit in 2024. According to secondary data tracker Caplight, there has been an absolute rush of buyers looking to get hold of the company’s stock in recent months.

While the offers tell us one thing, the deals tell us another, and the transaction that closed this week tells us a lot about what could happen to Stripe in 2024. On Tuesday, literally the day after the New Year, a secondary sale closed that valued Stripe’s stock at 21 $.06 each; which values ​​the startup at $53.65 billion, according to Caplight.

Stripe declined to comment.

There are several reasons why this work is worth noting. For one thing, Stripe’s $53 billion valuation represents an increase from the company’s last primary round last March, when Stripe was valued at $50 billion.

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