Surprises to watch out for at the Golden Globes

Given how dramatically the group’s voting body has changed in recent years, we predict the Golden Globes winners –as we tried to do this week-it’s even harder than it used to be when things could happen like Paul Giamatti win for the movie titled Barney’s version. The 2024 Golden Globe nominations may be a little less than we’ve come to expect from the Globes, but many categories aren’t getting any easier to predict. After all, this is the first televised awards show of the season and the first non-critical group to weigh in. In theory, anything is possible!

Of course Little golden men The team makes a business out of informed speculation, and in this week’s episode they try to predict many major Globes categories, including those where no one can agree on what will happen. There will be momentum Charles Melton winning the critics group allows him to triumph over major stars such as Robert Downey Jr. and Ryan Gosling in the supporting actor category? Will the comedy-drama split in the main acting categories allow for both? Lily Gladstone and Emma Stone win – or the critical pet dark horse will like it Sandra Hüller surprise everyone? And with Eras Tour concert film nominated in the new category of cinematographic and box office successes, and The Kansas City Chiefs play in Los Angeles on the same day…they will Travis Kelce find a way to participate Taylor Swift anyway?

All that and more in this week’s show, which includes a look back Oscar shortlists announced in December, and a discussion on listener questions about the state of the race now that the holidays are over. (Want to submit your own question? Email

Listen to the episode above to find out Little golden men on Apple Podcasts or wherever else you get your podcasts.

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