Tayla was devastated after her Uber driver performed a disgusting act in front of her. Now his fate may be revealed in court – and it will leave you furious

An Uber driver has avoided jail after masturbating behind the wheel in front of a terrified female passenger.

Tayla Pimlott, 26, was making the 20-minute journey from Adelaide’s CBD to her home in the north-eastern suburb of Campbelltown on October 1 when she suddenly noticed the driver enjoying himself in the front seat.

The driver, Rahman Fazeli, 29, was charged with disorderly conduct «namely in an Uber vehicle with intent to offend or offend another person».

He pleaded guilty in the Adelaide Magistrates Court in March.

He was sentenced to four weeks in jail, but that was suspended and Fazeli is now on a $500 bond for 18 months for good behaviour.

Tayla Pimlott, 26, (pictured) was on a short trip in Adelaide one afternoon in October when she spotted an Uber driver masturbating behind the wheel.

The experience left Ms Pimlott afraid to leave her house and vowing never to use Uber again.

Ms Pimlott said she was sitting in the back seat scrolling through her phone when she noticed a «subtle hand gesture» that made her look up and was immediately «petrified»..

«I could clearly see that (the Uber driver) had his penis out and was masturbating,» she told Yahoo.

Ms Pimlott said she was so afraid of what might happen that she considered jumping from the moving vehicle.

«There was a part of me that thought, ‘Oh, God, I could die, I could be raped, this man could touch me,'» she said.

To be first, she texted her mother and boyfriend.

She also managed to capture footage of Fazeli, which she used as evidence for the police.

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Mrs Pimlott said her heart was pounding, but out of fear she pretended not to notice anything to escalate the situation.

When she arrived home, where her worried mother was waiting for her, she had to ask Fazeli to unlock the car door.

«He turned completely around and looked at me and in the scariest voice I’ve ever heard he said, ‘Thank you so much,'» she said.

A devastated Mrs Pimlott replied, «You’re welcome,» and jumped out of the car, fearing that anything other than politeness would put her in greater danger.

Uber condemned the driver's actions in a statement to Daily Mail Australia (picture)

Uber condemned the driver’s actions in a statement to Daily Mail Australia (picture)

Ms Pimlott said she texted her mother because she was petrified

Ms Pimlott said she texted her mother because she was petrified

She reported the incident to Uber and urged them to ban the drivers, but the company was unable to tell her if it had done so due to its «strict privacy notice».

The company has since confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that he has been permanently banned.

Fazeli was also banned from visiting Ms Pimlot at home or at work.

Uber condemned the driver’s actions in a statement to Daily Mail Australia.

«What was reported has no place in the Uber community or anywhere else,» the spokesperson said.

“As soon as we were made aware of this message, we immediately and permanently removed the driver’s partner’s access to the app.

“We’ve raised the bar for safety across the industry, including investing in cutting-edge technology and features to help improve the safety of riders and drivers on every journey.

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“With our Safety Toolkit, riders can contact emergency services, share their journey live with a loved one, and every journey is tracked by real-time GPS.

«We are constantly looking for ways to improve the safety of every ride and use this safety technology to support law enforcement cases.»

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