Tesla employees to lose their jobs, say the tech giant is selling magic

Earlier this week, Elon Musk grabbed headlines for laying off employees in several departments. There have been reports suggesting continued job cuts at the company, leading to hundreds of layoffs.

Over the past weekend, many Tesla employees received layoffs and subsequently shared their experiences on the professional networking platform LinkedIn. While some were looking for better prospects through the platform, others were simply trying to express their feelings.

A former Tesla employee spoke about his experience on LinkedIn. He mentioned that Tesla touts things like robotaxis and self-driving robots as amazing, but he feels it’s not as simple as it sounds. Despite how things ended, he’s proud of the work he did. He worked at Tesla for almost two years as a Factory Software integration engineer.

“It is disappointing to say that I am now part of the growing number of people affected by the Tesla layoffs. Endings are never easy, especially when they don’t lead to success or happen on your own terms. Nevertheless, I am proud of the achievements of our factory Software team. I will cherish the memories from this time. While I have had thoughts about the layoffs since their inception, I have not had the opportunity to share them until now,” the former employee wrote.

He further stated that he is talking about how the tech giant sells magic,

«Tesla sells magic.» He sells the future. It sells robotic axes, autonomous robots, and yes, even futuristic-looking sensors. It sells rolled-up-sleeve engineers a musty coffee pot and a singular determination in a world of problems that no one seems to know how to solve. It is the sale of creation rather than destruction. He sells moon landings that you can park in your garage. He sells a vision that brings people in instead of leaving them behind.”

Furthermore, he explained his plans by saying:

“That being said, I will take some time to reset and then prepare for my next endeavor. I fell in love with dynamic manufacturing software in pursuit of a future we can be proud of and potentially see what can be done to continue down this path. I believe there is still room for huge profits to be unlocked in this sector. If you’re looking for expertise in the production space from someone who has implemented and supported software in dynamic environments at impressive scale and eats up challenges, let’s chat.”

As previously mentioned, Tesla recently began another round of layoffs, marking the fourth consecutive week of job cuts at the company. Business Insider reported that many Tesla employees received layoff notices over the weekend, with some sharing their experiences on LinkedIn. An anonymous Tesla employee told Business Insider that there is a feeling of uncertainty among employees.

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According to the employee,

«We need some level of closure or a sign that we can stop worrying about job losses.»

Back on April 14, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company will lay off more than 10 percent of its workforce because some jobs are too similar. They then started laying off people in various parts of the company such as recruitment, advertising and the Supercharging team.

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