The 2024 primaries that weren’t

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With former President Donald Trump dominating the polls in Iowa and other early primary states, this year’s primary season could be short and uncompetitive. «We’ll see what happens when voters really have their say, but it’s fair to say now that the political story of 2023 has been the consolidation of Donald Trump’s Republican Party,» he said. A New Yorker staff writer Susan B. Glasser he says. Meanwhile, President Biden, despite his low approval ratings, had only «significant» opposition in the Democratic Party, Glasser says, referring to Minnesota’s Dean Phillips, whose presidential campaign failed to win. The A New Yorker staff writers Jane Mayer and Evan Osnos join Glasser to discuss the absence of a competitive primary in 2024, the efforts of some Democrats to test the waters rather than declare a campaign, and what the coming months may hold in this historic presidential race.


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