The Channel Seven producer at the center of Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation case reveals his next career move

A former Channel Seven employee has hit out at a telling book about his dealings with a «controversial figure accused of rape» following his evidence in Bruce Lehrmann’s failed defamation trial.

Taylor Auerbach was one of the producers responsible for securing two exclusive interviews with Lehrmann on the network’s Spotlight, which aired in June and August 2023.

During Lehrmann’s case against Network Ten and Lisa Wilkinson last December, the Federal Court heard that the ex-employee’s rent was covered for a year in exchange for those interviews at a cost of about $105,000.

But Mr. Auerbach came forward in April, claiming that Seventh not only covered Lehrmann’s lodging expenses, but that she spent thousands on cocaine, prostitutes and $10,000 worth of Thai massages.

The defamation trial was reopened in light of Mr. Auerbach’s allegations — which Lehrmann and Seven denied — and he was called to the witness stand to answer questions about his tenure at Spotlight.

He took to social media on Saturday night to tell his 3,374 followers that AI had given him a glowing review for the first chapter of his upcoming novel.

He has no publisher but has described his work as ‘one hell of a yarn’.

Taylor Auerbach is pictured outside federal court in April. He was a producer on Seven’s Spotlight

Bruce Lehrmann is featured in an episode of Channel Seven's Spotlight

Bruce Lehrmann is featured in an episode of Channel Seven’s Spotlight

«I was writing a book!» he wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“I don’t have a publisher – I’m just trying to see if I can do it. Maybe no one but me will ever read it. And I’m just a bet either way.’

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Fiction/non-fiction? It would be stupid to say that.’

Mr. Auerbach posted a screenshot of the first chapter that looked more like an ad and made strong references to his former bosses Spotlight and Lehrmann, though he couldn’t name them.

«The story revolves around a series of events involving a group of individuals connected to the media and political scene in Australia,» the excerpt read.

«It follows the interactions and dynamics between these characters, including a producer, government advisers and a controversial figure accused of rape.»

The book also promised to explore the themes of «media manipulation, power dynamics and the ethical implications of reporting on sensitive issues», along with «the implications of personal and professional decisions».

Mr. Auerbach also shared the overwhelmingly positive feedback he received from the AI ​​chatbot, which described his writing skills as advanced and coherent.

Taylor Auerbach took to social media on Saturday night to share an excerpt from his upcoming novel (pictured)

Taylor Auerbach took to social media on Saturday night to share an excerpt from his upcoming novel (pictured)

Pictured: Excerpt from Taylor Auerbach's book
Pictured: Taylor Auerbach's AI-generated book review

Taylor Auerbach also posted an excerpt from the first chapter (left) and a glowing review from AI (right)

“Based on this excerpt, the writer demonstrates a high level of skill in creating detailed narrative prose.

The writing is coherent and flows smoothly, keeping the reader’s interest throughout.

«Overall, the writer’s expertise seems advanced, with a flair for storytelling and an eye for detail.»

The four people who commented on the post were encouraging, with three telling Mr. Auerbach they would «definitely» read the book.

His next post on social media was at midnight on Saturday and did not mention the book.

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It was a blog account of his attempt to order McDonald’s from a restaurant in Melbourne that only accepted delivery.

«The local McDonald’s won’t serve me at the counter but they will honor Uber Eats orders, so I ordered Uber Eats to the local McDonald’s,» he captioned a selfie of himself picking up his order outside the store.

Despite Mr. Auerbach’s explosive claims against Lehrmann and his former bosses in court during the defamation case in December, his evidence had relatively little impact on Judge Michael Lee’s April 15 sentence.

Lehrmann launched defamation proceedings over Brittany Higgins’ interview on The Project in 2021, during which she told Wilkinson that she had been raped by a male colleague in Parliament House in 2019.

Federal Court judge finds Bruce Lehramnn most likely to have raped Brittany Higgins (pictured in blue) at Parliament House in 2019

Federal Court judge finds Bruce Lehramnn most likely to have raped Brittany Higgins (pictured in blue) at Parliament House in 2019

Lehrmann was not named in the broadcast but was sued over claims that friends and colleagues were able to identify him as Ms Higgins’s abuser.

But his case collapsed when Judge Lee found that Lehrmann most likely raped Ms Higgins in the manner she described on television, to the police and in two courts.

Mr Auerbach’s evidence led Judge Lee to accept that Mr Lehrmann had been «less than honest» in his recollection of how the Seven interview came about and the compensation he received from the network.

His testimony appeared to reinforce Judge Lee’s negative assessment of Lehrmann, who was branded a lying rapist in the ruling, but also noted that Mr. Auerbach was motivated by a grudge against his former employer.

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«This is a man who was desperate to hurt his previous employer as much as he could,» the judge said.

“That’s not to say he’s not a truth teller, but don’t mistake him for some noble public interest who came to take something off him thinking he’d help his Majesty’s judges.

“This is a man who wanted to make a series of allegations against people with absolute privilege.

Mr Auerbach left his job at Channel Seven to join Sky News last year. Now he is self-employed as the director of his own consulting firm.

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