The footy star was rushed to hospital after the brutal wound, while the brave act leaves commentators in shock

Melbourne star Christian Petracca has been taken to hospital after succumbing to a nasty rib injury during the King’s Birthday clash with Collingwood.

Petracca took a knee to the ribs in a marking match just before the quarter-hour mark of Monday’s game.

The explosive midfielder lay on the MCG grass for several minutes receiving medical attention as the players made their quarter-hour huddles.

«Instantly he was in pain, he went to the ground.» He finally got up and tried to get into the quarter-hour huddle, but he was in such discomfort, he had to break away from the quarter-hour huddle and head down to the rooms,” said Channel 7 commentator Cameron Ling from the border. .

«There’s a lot of pain. You can see. Not nice at all. Unfortunately, you have to suspect something like broken ribs when you see this type of vision.”

Christian Petracca suffered a nasty rib injury during the King’s Birthday clash

At the end of the first semester, he was hit in the ribs, but remarkably continued to play

At the end of the first semester, he was hit in the ribs, but remarkably continued to play

Petracca finally got to his feet, but appeared in agony as he grabbed the left side of his ribs and slowly made his way from the ground straight into the demon chambers.

Up to that point he was among Melbourne’s better players with eight disposals.

Petracca made a remarkable comeback in the second quarter and tried to fight his way through, but struggled to get top speed and looked reluctant to kick the ball.

«That’s extraordinary, he barely crawled off the ground at quarter time,» said Tim Watson.

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“He took a few passes and shook his head. I could only take it as ‘no, there is no pain’. I don’t know, that must hurt so much,” added Ling.

He added five more disposals in the quarter, including four handballs, but never looked.

“As soon as he kicked, he bent over in great pain. He’s so brave right now, but he doesn’t feel comfortable out there at all. I don’t know how much longer it will last,” said Ling.

Watson added: “After that I was watching Petracca play. It moves so slowly. He is hunched over most of the time. It hurts him a lot.”

He was eventually under the bed and taken to the hospital for examination

He was eventually disconnected and taken to hospital for examination

Petracca was replaced by Jack Billings just before the start of the third quarter.

The Demons will now anxiously await confirmation of the severity of Petracc’s injury after he was taken to hospital for further assessment.

However, he has more time to recover and the Demons will have a bye this weekend.

Melbourne sorely missed Petracca as Collingwood secured a convincing 38-point victory.

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