The GIMS Center for Medical Innovation is launching a unique startup clinic and public medical incubation center

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The GIMS Center for Medical Innovation is proud to announce the launch of its pioneering Startup Clinic, a pioneering clinical mentoring and advisory centre. Designed to serve as a one-stop solution for healthcare innovators, the GIMS Startup Clinic will assist in the development, testing, validation and validation of healthcare innovations.

The GIMS Startup Clinic, which will run every 2nd Tuesday of the month, will bring together experts from different specialties to support and guide innovators on their journey to transform healthcare. Whether you’re working on revolutionary healthcare devices or transformative healthcare services, innovators will find invaluable support at the GIMS Startup Clinic.

This innovative service will be inaugurated next week along with the establishment of the 1st public medical incubation centre. This momentous occasion will be graced by the Honorable Director General of Health Services, Government of India, highlighting the importance of this initiative in the field of healthcare in the country.

«We are excited to provide a platform where healthcare innovators can receive the mentoring and guidance needed to bring their breakthrough ideas to life,» said Dr. Rahul Singh, Head of Medical Innovation Incubation Center at Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS). ), Greater Noida. “The GIMS Startup Clinic is not just a service; it’s a commitment to advancing healthcare through innovation.”

The GIMS Startup Clinic aims to be a catalyst for healthcare innovation and offer a comprehensive ecosystem that supports the development of new technologies and services. By providing access to cutting-edge expertise and resources, GIMS is poised to unlock the potential of many businesses and drive progress in the healthcare sector.

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Don’t miss this monumental event and the opportunity to be part of a transformational journey in healthcare innovation. Join us next week as we celebrate the launch of the GIMS Startup Clinic and Public Medical Incubation Center.

Unlock the potential of your business with GIMS!

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