The iPhone 16 Pro boasts the brightest display yet

Exciting whispers suggest that the iPhone 16 Pro could have the brightest display ever! According to Weibo source Instant Digital (via MacRumors ), Apple is aiming for a whopping 20% ​​increase in brightness in its 2024 lineup.

With this improvement, SDR brightness is expected to reach 1,200 nits, surpassing the 1,000 nits of previous generations. Since the iPhone 13 Pro, the standard maximum brightness has remained constant, and Apple has not increased the HDR peak brightness beyond the iPhone 14 Pro’s 2,000 nits.

Instant Digital has a commendable history of accurate leaks, having correctly predicted the yellow iPhone 14, colored glass iPhone 15, a front-facing landscape camera on the latest iPad models, and even a nano-textured display for the M4 iPad Pro. However, they are not alone in expecting a brighter display for the iPhone 16 Pro. Elec also reported a few months ago that Apple is trying to increase the brightness of its latest iPhone models.

According to the report, the next Apple iPhone display could achieve even greater brightness Samsung and LG is reportedly demonstrating microlens OLED (MLA) panels to the tech giant.

Incorporating MLA lens layers into the OLED panel redirects the reflected light towards the user, potentially increasing the phone’s brightness without increasing power consumption. One of the immediate benefits is reduced power consumption in typical OLED panel use. Still, the MLA layer can affect viewing angles.

More rumors regarding iPhone 16 Pro display hints at Apple’s intention to offer 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch variants while reducing the bezel size of all iPhone 16 models. This reduction is said to be facilitated by the adoption of Border Reduction Structure technology, which consolidates the internal copper cables into a more compact form.

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The extent to which the bezels can be minimized remains uncertain, given that the current bezels on the iPhone 15 Pro models measure 1.55mm. Nevertheless, it seems that Apple prefers to reduce the bottom bezel for all upcoming iPhones.

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