The murder of a 28-year-old woman who was «beaten and choked to death by a 17-year-old after she laughed at him during sex» has been filmed by her alleged killer.

The murder of a woman who was brutally beaten and strangled by a 17-year-old after she laughed at him during sex was filmed by her alleged killer, a court heard.

Blanca C., 28, met Mohamed Ali S., 17, at a bar in Frankfurt, Germany on October 3 last year, where the pair consumed several drinks and drugs together, according to prosecutor Constanze Jung.

«Then they left (the bar) to go to her apartment and wanted to have consensual sex,» Jung told German tabloid Bild.

But when Mohamed allegedly failed to get an erection, Blanca laughed at him for it.

This enraged the Tunisian teenager, who «beat, choked and strangled» her in a violent frenzy until she died, Jung said.

The defendant allegedly filmed part of the attack on his phone. As he pointed the camera at Blanca’s body, he bragged, ‘I killed her,’ according to the indictment.

Blanca C. (pictured), 28, met Mohamed Ali S. at a bar in Frankfurt, Germany, on October 3 last year, where they consumed several drinks and drugs together, according to prosecutor Constanze Jung.

The police were called in the middle of the night by a witness who rushed to Blanca’s apartment, where they broke down the door and found her dead.

Mohamed Ali S. was arrested at his parents’ home in Frankfurt’s Bonames district – about 10 kilometers from Blanca’s apartment – just a few hours later.

«She was such a happy young woman,» a neighbor told Bild about Blanca, who reportedly liked to go out and was full of life.

Another said Blanca’s devastated mother, who lives in the flat next door to her daughter, made a ‘B’ with pink and purple tea lights outside Blanca’s door the day after her death.

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Blanca’s mother wrote on Facebook: ‘My love, my happiness, my joy, my EVERYTHING has gone to the Garden of Eden.’

The murder trial, which is closed to the public because the defendant is a minor, began at the Frankfurt District Court in the German state of Hesse on Monday.

Mohamed Ali S. could face up to ten years in prison under German juvenile criminal law if convicted.

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