The Roe Anniversary is a painful reminder of what the right has taken

Today we commemorate the 51st anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision. But it’s an empty anniversary because the constitutional right to abortion is gone, struck down by a Supreme Court that became home to a conservative supermajority thanks to donald trump the guy who once was “very pro-choice” but it is now lionized religious law. And as Trump gets the GOP nomination, he is take credit get for a «miracle». Roe «ended.»

Despite such devastating decisionTexas congresswoman Jasmine Crockett he texted me about how loss Roe became a rallying cry for Texas women: «While women have historically been undervalued, when we fight, we win!» She said that «brave Texas women fought to give us Roe decisions earlier, and brave Texas women such as Kate Cox and Dr. Austin Dennard,» who were prevented of undergoing emergency abortions despite fatal fetal diagnoses, are «fighting to reclaim our freedoms that were wrongfully taken away by the Supreme Court.»

Even after achieving their supposed goal of stripping women of their constitutional right to abortion, and then taking medical decisions out of the hands of doctors and effectively putting them in the hands of right-wing politicians, anti-abortion crusaders are neither satisfied nor satiated. On Friday, thousands of activists gathered in Washington, DC, for the second March for Life rally since then Roe‘s demise. «Some marchers said they thought the decision would change the country’s opinion on abortion, and that they were disappointed,» according to The Washington Post. «Others are hoping for a federal ban on abortion.» Others want the focus to be on restricting abortion pills.”

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It seems that the people who argued that abortion is a matter of states’ rights are now desperate for a federal ban on abortion that would actually take that right away from the states entirely. (There is already an abortion forbidden in 14 states afterRoe.) Yet the GOP is calling for a nationwide ban because Americans support access to abortion almost record levelswith an October poll finding roughly 55% in favor of access to driving for any reason.

Meanwhile, abortion bans and restrictions have spelled doom for this Trumpized Republican Party. Voters in deep red Kansas he refused anti-abortion measures in August 2022 and mid-term months later proven that abortion rights can galvanize voters. This November, Democrats Andy Beshear cleverly won re-election in deep-red Kentucky while leaning on abortion rights, as voters in Republican-friendly Ohio anchored the right to abortion in the state constitution. In purple Virginia, Governor Glenn Youngkin failed to overturn the statehouse, dashing his hopes of enacting a more focused 15-week abortion ban.

Abortion bans are so unpopular that Republicans have decided they need to change the message around them. Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee Richard Hudson he said Punchbowl News, «(Candidates) need to get their stance across to voters because voters think the Republican stance is like, ‘We’re going to throw you in jail if you get an abortion.'» He continued, «Republicans don’t have a problem with politics. We have a branding problem.” Maybe Hudson should tell that Texas woman who almost died sepsis due to the state’s draconian ban on abortion.

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Or maybe Hudson can explain the brand problem Jaci Statton, A 20-year-old Oklahoma woman who had a cancerous, nonviable molar pregnancy and she said she was told sitting in the parking lot and waiting for dangerous complications. «We can’t touch you if you crash in front of us or your blood pressure gets so high you’re going to have a heart attack,» she recalled the hospital staff telling her.

Republicans who think abortion bans simply have a branding problem seem unable to see how these strict restrictions endanger women and represent a profound shift in allowing Republican politicians to dictate medical policy with little knowledge of how the human body works or not.

In the meantime, President Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris they denote anniversary this week by highlighting GOP attacks on abortion rights and announcing new steps to promote abortion access White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emailed me: “Women are turned away from emergency rooms, doctors can be charged with felonies, and many state bans in place have no exceptions for rape or incest. When the Supreme Court — empowered by Donald Trump’s nominees — took the outrageous step of forcing politicians into the most personal decisions women make, President Biden said, “I don’t think the Court, or for that matter the Republicans who have pushed their extreme agenda for decades, have the notion of the power of American women.” Americans are making it loud and clear that they have record support for reproductive rights across the country. President Biden and Vice President Harris fight to restore our freedoms every day, and no statewide ban on abortion will ever be allowed as long as President Biden has veto power.

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Abortion ban in 14 states did not reduce abortions; it just worked more dangerous be pregnant. Republicans have continued to lose ever since Roe because they don’t care about the health of pregnant women, they seem to think they know better than doctors. But for this 51st anniversary Roe, it’s important to remember the fundamental reason Republicans keep losing: People don’t like having an existing, hard-fought right taken away from them. Nobody wants to go back.

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