Trump Vows to Appeal ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ $83.3 MILLION E. Jean Carroll Verdict: Ex-President Furies ‘This Isn’t America’, Says Case Is ‘Biden-Driven Witch Hunt’

By Geoff Earle, Deputy US Political Editor for and Kamal Sultan for Dailymail.Com

Donald Trump hit out at a New York jury’s «absolutely ridiculous» verdict awarding E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million in defamation damages.

The former president, 77, has vowed to appeal, calling his rape accuser’s case a ‘Biden-led witch hunt’.

“Absolutely ridiculous! I strongly disagree with both verdicts and will appeal this entire Biden-led witch hunt directed at me and the Republican Party,” he wrote on Truth Social minutes after the damages were awarded by a jury in Manhattan court.

Donald Trump Hits Out at ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ New York Jury Verdict Awarding E. Jean Carroll $83.3 Million in Defamation

Trump used the stunning decision to denounce the US legal system – which has seen him face four criminal charges brought by prosecutors to grand juries.

“Our legal system is out of control and being used as a political weapon. They took away all First Amendment rights. THIS IS NOT AMERICA!”

Trump has already appealed an earlier $5 million verdict in a separate defamation case, which was the first Carroll brought against him.

A second appeal would give him the opportunity to knock down the $65 million fine the jury decided on, which was on top of $18.3 million in compensatory damages, along with other damages.

Trump’s lawyer, Alina, fumed at the verdict outside the courthouse, on a day Judge Lewis Kaplan threatened her with jail for disrupting court.

«You must not be stripped of all the defenses you have,» she raged.

“There was no DNA. There was no expert. My experts were rejected – two of them. Two of them were denied entry,” said the Bedminster, New Jersey, attorney.

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The furor came after the trial, where Trump testified for less than four minutes, after a judge limited what he could say, and Habba tried to get comments from Trump rebutting Carroll on the record.

The trial phase dealt with Trump’s statements as president, not the finding that a separate jury had already concluded that he was responsible for sexual abuse. That’s something Judge Kamplan mentioned in the courtroom, saying that Trump «actually sexually abused» Carroll.

Carroll’s team blasted Trump’s courtroom performance, saying Trump said under his breath in court, “I don’t know who that woman is. I have never met this woman.’

It came after a dramatic day in court in which Trump walked out of court after Carroll’s attorney Roberta Kaplan urged jurors to convict him.

It was a gesture that the referee had recorded.

The case centered on Trump’s comments about Carroll after she accused him of raping her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990s.

Trump, 77, insists he has never met Carroll, has consistently claimed she was not his type and described the trial as a «witch hunt» and «election meddling.»

He was ordered to hand over $7.3 million for «emotional harm» and another $11 million for «damage to reputation.» An additional $65 million in «punitive damages» must also be provided.

Carroll and her attorneys wiped away tears of joy and hugged each other as they left the courtroom arm in arm with big smiles on their faces.

Trump responded to Truth Social’s condemnation of the verdict as «absolutely ridiculous!» and vowed to appeal the decision.

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He went on to criticize the «Biden-driven witch hunt» and called America’s legal system «out of control» and being used as a «political weapon» to target him.

“They took away all First Amendment rights. THIS IS NOT AMERICA!”

Trump’s total liquid assets were estimated to total $93 million in 2020, according to documents obtained by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is separately investigating the finances of the Trump Organizations — and he could be on the hook for millions more.

Trump’s lawyers broke into discussion as the verdict was read.

Advising jurors to remain anonymous before discharging them, Judge Kaplan said: ‘My advice to you is to never reveal that you were on this jury.’

Chaos erupted in a Manhattan courtroom earlier Friday when Trump left after Carroll’s lawyer said the jury should convict him.

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