University of Sydney professor tells first-year students Hamas mass rapes on October 7 are ‘fake news’ and ‘hoax’

First-year university students were «pushed away» after a professor told them that mass rape by Hamas during the October 7 attacks was a «hoax» and «fake news».

Sujatha Fernandes, a professor of sociology at the University of Sydney, told her class in April that the media had «misrepresented» the war, The Australian reports.

«Western media have played the role of an ideological state apparatus by suppressing coverage of atrocities and spreading fake news,» Professor Fernandes said.

«(The media) propagated hoaxes that Hamas beheaded babies and carried out mass rape to drum up support for Israel and distorted the events.»

The United Nations (UN) said there were «reasonable grounds» to believe that Hamas committed mass and mass rape on 7 October.

University of Sydney sociology professor Sujatha Fernandes (pictured) shocked first-year students after she claimed the October 7 Hamas mass rape was a «hoax».

Professor Fernandes continued her lecture by claiming that Israel had engaged in «ethnic cleansing, collective punishment and forced starvation», the report also claimed.

A number of students, who wished to remain anonymous, said they were shocked by Professor Fernandes’ comments.

One said they did not commit to four years and thousands of dollars of university courses to be taught by lecturers who «blatantly promote lies and promote a dangerous, threatening environment».

Another student, who identified as Jewish, said it reflected a «growing trend of anti-Semitism» at the university.

They added that it was particularly troubling for the professor to «deny the undeniable proof of the events of October 7, which Hamas proudly filmed itself doing.»

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Professor Fernandes and the University of Sydney for comment.

Her students said they were

Her students said they were «repulsed» by the professor’s claims, which contradict a UN report that found «convincing information» about widespread sexual violence.

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Pramila Patten, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Sexual Violence in Conflict, said they had witnessed «scenes of unspeakable violence committed with shocking brutality».

Ms Patten said the acts committed on October 7 were «a catalog of the most extreme and inhumane forms of killing, torture and other horrors», including sexual violence.

Her team found «compelling information» that sexual violence had been committed against hostages and captives.

They came to the conclusion after reviewing more than 5,000 photographic images and about 50 hours of footage of the attacks.

However, part of the report also found that at least «two allegations of sexual violence at Kibbutz Be’eri – widely reported in the media – were unfounded».

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