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As a loyal iPhone and Apple Watch user for years, it’s clear how deeply I rely on them to track my health metrics and fitness activities. Whether I’m preparing for a marathon or catching my eye, my Apple Watch is practically always on my wrist. However, a persistent issue I face is battery performance.

It’s a bit frustrating. From the very beginning, the Apple Watch seems to be stuck on this one-day battery life. This means that if I want to track my sleep with it, I have to take it off and charge it sometime during the day. The Ultra is said to last longer, but it’s just too big for me to wear comfortably all the time.

This is exactly why I was drawn to smart rings, p Samsung Galaxy Ring leading the pack for me. Apple is also rumored to be working on its version of a smart ring. As for the alternative Oura ring, it is not readily available in Europe.

I would love to have a device similar to the Galaxy Ring to go alongside my Apple Watch rather than replace it. The ring could hit during those times when my Apple Watch has juice. And it looks like Samsung could deliver the multi-day battery life I hope for from such a gadget.

Samsung quietly unveiled the Galaxy Ring at MWC in late February. We’ve seen the ring in various colors and sizes, and Samsung has shared some insights about it. One notable detail was the estimated battery life of nine days, beating the Oura Ring by two days.

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While Samsung remains tight-lipped about details of the Galaxy Ring, including battery life, until its July unveiling, leaked documents discovered by MySmartPrice offer some of the first clues about its features.

According to the documents, Samsung intends to offer the Galaxy Ring in different sizes, as previously reported at MWC. Additionally, the paperwork specifies battery capacity for each ring size ranging from 17 mAh to 22.5 mAh.

Although this data is not strong enough to warrant nine days battery life for Galaxy Ring, the listed battery capacities correspond to the range of Oura Ring. Oura Ring offers capacities from 15 mAh to 22 mAh in sizes from 6 to 13.

If the rumors are true, the smallest Galaxy ring (size 5) may contain a larger battery than the smallest Oura ring (size 6). This could mean that the Galaxy Ring will last as long or even longer than the Oura Ring on a single charge. However, it’s important to note that these are likely estimates by Samsung and actual battery life may vary.

It seems that even the smaller Galaxy Ring size 5 could boast a bigger battery compared to the The Ring of Oura size 6. So based on the leaks, it looks like the Galaxy Ring could last even longer on a charge than the Oura Ring. But these are just Samsung’s estimates and how long it will last in your daily life may vary.

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