Weather in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane: A strong polar blast will hit

Bitterly cold air from Antarctica will see Aussies shiver through a freezing weekend with a polar blast bringing icy winds and freezing temperatures.

The five days of cold weather will start along the east coast in NSW and Victoria before finally reaching Queensland on Saturday.

The Met Office has warned that temperatures will be between two and eight degrees below average for this time of year.

Forecasters say the arrival of a powerful high pressure system into the Tasman Sea will trap freezing air in the southeast until next week.

«Frigid air will be pulled from Antarctica this weekend by a cold front that will sweep across the continent,» Weatherzone said.

«A high pressure system will quickly follow the track of the front and will remain over South Australia until at least the middle of next week, extending this cold spell.»

However, the good news for Sydneysiders is that the 11-day rain streak ended on Tuesday with a total of 58.6mm of rainfall recorded so far in July.

The longest rain streak observed in the city was in May 2024, when it rained for 14 days in a row, with six days receiving 20 mm or more.

Freezing cold air from Antarctica will see Aussies shiver through a freezing weekend with a polar blast bringing icy winds and freezing temperatures (pictured, people braving Sydney’s winter)

Sydney saw clear blue skies and relatively mild temperatures of 19 and 18C on Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, the arrival of Antarctic air will see temperatures drop on Friday.

Snow will fall in areas including the southern, central and northern NSW Plateaus, the Blue Mountains, higher parts of the ACT, Tasmania and the Victorian Alps and even the Granite Belt in southern Queensland.

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A shower or two is expected Friday, but the rain is not expected to be as heavy or frequent as it has been to date in July, Weatherzone said.

So far this year, Sydney has experienced four rain streaks of five days or more.

It rained for 14 days from May 1 to 14, 11 days from June 30 to July 9, five days from January 14 to 18, and five days from March 15 to 19.

Five of the six months in 2024 exceeded the monthly average, with June being the wettest month so far this year with 368.4mm of rainfall.

This was almost three times the long-term average of 131.7 mm.

Bureau of Meteorology chief meteorologist Dean Narramore said Sydney could have a «prolonged break» from wet weather.

«The sunshine is finally coming back not just to Sydney but to the whole east coast,» he said.

«(The showers are) now gone, the low that caused that weather has now moved into Tasmania.»

Meanwhile, the NSW Central Tablelands are expected to see flurries of snow at higher levels around 12,000m as early as Sunday or Monday.

Millions of south-east Australians will be shivering in the cold this weekend

Millions of south-east Australians will be shivering in the cold this weekend


Victoria is in for a wet weekend with showers forecast for the rest of the week.

Temperatures will try to rise above 15 °C on Friday, the minimum will be only 5 °C.

Meanwhile, snow is expected to fall on higher ground outside the Victorian Alps with the arrival of a prolonged burst of freezing air from Antarctica.

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Showers and a chance of thunderstorms in the southeast of the state on Thursday ahead of a cool and dry weekend.

Temperatures will remain below 24°C with lows of 10°C over the next few days, before dropping to just 8°C next week with highs below 20°C.

The cold weather comes after dense fog developed over southeast Queensland on Tuesday night, with visibility at Brisbane Airport reduced to less than 200 meters on Wednesday morning.


Temperatures in the nation’s capital will plummet over the next few days, with days remaining cloudy and cold as frigid Arctic air is trapped by a low pressure system.

Elevated parts of the ACT, including the relatively low hills on the outskirts of Canberra and possibly parts of the city itself, could see some snow over the next few days.

A prolonged outbreak of freezing air of Antarctic origin will cause temperatures to drop (Weatherzone map pictured)

A prolonged outbreak of freezing air of Antarctic origin will cause temperatures to drop (Weatherzone map pictured)


Cold fronts moving through Western Australia are bringing widespread rain and showers with the potential for thunderstorms.

Temperatures will aim to break above 20C in Perth on Saturday to bring in some wintry sunshine after a string of cloudy days.


Adelaide will experience very cold weather from Saturday amid a large blast of cold air from Antarctica moving across the southeast.

A high pressure system is expected to follow over southern parts of the country for the next five days, extending the cold spell.

Rain is also expected over Adelaide over the next few days with highs of 16C and lows of just 8C.

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Tasmanians will be shivering through another cold weekend as a low pressure system moves further inland from the east coast.

Like Victoria and SA, Tasmania will be hit by cold gusty winds and rain.

Temperatures in Hobart are expected to drop as low as 3C on Sunday.


Further north in the Northern Territory, conditions are good and sunny.

Temperatures will range between 19 and 33°C for the rest of the week.



Friday Partly cloudy. Min 8 Max 18

Saturday Sunny. Min 7 Max 19

Sunday Partly cloudy. Min 7 Max 20


Friday showers. Min 8 Max 16

Saturday a shower or two. Min 8 Max 15

A Sunday shower or two. Min 8 Max 15


A shower or two on Friday. Min 9 Max 15

Saturday a shower or two. Min 7 Max 13

Sunday showers. Min 5 Max 13


Friday Partly cloudy. Min 8 Max 14

Saturday Partly cloudy. Min 5 Max 11

A Sunday shower or two. Min 3 Max 10


Friday morning frost. Cloudy Min 1 Max 12

Saturday Morning frost. Mostly sunny. Min 0 Max 14

Sunday morning frost. Cloudy. Min-1 Max 11


Friday Partly cloudy. Min 8 Max 18

Saturday a shower or two. Min 9 Max 18

Sunday Partly cloudy. Min 8 Max 17


Friday sunny. Min 12 Max 24

Saturday Sunny. Min 12 Max 22

Sunday Mostly sunny. Min 10 Max 21


Friday sunny. Min 20 Max 31

Saturday Sunny. Min 19 Max 31

Sunday sunny. Min 19 Max 31

Source: Bureau of Meteorology

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