What happened to Bill Barker’s mum: The TikTok star has spoken out

A young man coping with the death of his mother has shared his journey through grief, sparking discussion about the impact of losing a family member.

On Wednesday, Australian influencer Bill Barker opened up about the grief he faced after his mother Jayne died of cancer.

«It’s been four and a half days since mum passed away and to say the last four and a half days have been a rollercoaster is an understatement,» he said.

“The first two days I was such a mess. I was broken.

«Life is not all sunshine and rainbows.»

Mr Barker had only recently returned to his flat after spending days grieving with his family and organizing the funeral.

Although it was difficult for him to express what it was like to lose a parent, Mr Barker explained what the first days of the loss were like for him.

Bill Barker (pictured) shared a video on Wednesday about how he is coping with the death of his mother Jayne

Mr Barker's mother (pictured together) died last week and the influencer admitted:

Mr Barker’s mother (pictured together) died last week and the influencer admitted: «I’ve never dealt with grief like this before, the first two days I was such a mess.»

“I’ve never had to deal with such grief before, the first two days I was such a mess. I was just broken,” he said.

“Mommy is still her little creepy self and she’s been sending me these signs. I keep seeing her everywhere.

“Like the rainbow that was on my flight home this morning. I have never seen a rainbow when I was on a plane and this was my rainbow.

«I immediately smiled and said, ‘Mum’ and then I had a little chat with her on the plane and it’s things like that that calm me down and I know I’m not in pain anymore.»

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He added that he wasn’t sure what to do in the time between his mother’s death and her funeral.

«I wanted to take this week just for myself to behave myself and look after myself,» Mr Barker said.

He then thanked his followers who sent messages of support and strangers for their acts of kindness, saying: “It means the bloody world, literally the world.

‘All my friends, I came home and had cards and flowers and it was the most beautiful support I could have ever asked for.

“Mom’s favorite flowers are sunflowers. Tthere are so many flowers here. I am so grateful.

“On the plane this morning the Virgin girls wrote me a letter and gave me some snacks.

“I literally take this week as self-care week. I do a double cleansing of the body. I take big long showers and go on hot girl walks.

«I’ve never been through anything like that — so I just try to surround myself with people who make me happy and do things that make me happy.»

Many Australians have shared their experiences after their parents have died.

One said: ‘After my mum left her best friend who is psychic sent me a message from her, it takes a different time for everyone to transition but if you are already getting signs from her.’

Another added: I lost my dad eight years ago and I still get a sign from him and it’s always right when I need it so even if your mum is gone she’ll never leave you.’

Others also revealed that they struggled with the loss.

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“I lost my mother more than a month ago. My world is rocked and I can’t understand how I can’t just pick up the phone and call her,” wrote one.

“I lost my dad almost six months ago, take it one day at a time and be extra kind to yourself. Grief is not linear,” said another.

Another wrote: ‘I lost my dad ten years ago. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that grief comes in waves.

“It could be a few days later and you feel good about conquering your daily life, or it could be 10 years later and the grief hits you again.

“Just know that it gets better with time.

Mr Barker's open discussion of his grief has encouraged other Australians to share their own experiences

Mr Barker’s open discussion of his grief has encouraged other Australians to share their own experiences

Mr Barker (pictured) spoke of seeing

Mr Barker (pictured) spoke of seeing «signs» from his mum, like a rainbow on the plane going home, which made him «feel at peace»

«She’s watching over you and so proud, sending love,» added a third.

“I’m sure she would want you to care and grieve however you feel necessary. You have this,” said a fourth.

Mr Barker’s manager told Daily Mail Australia: “Jayne was an amazing lady, mum and friend. The room lights up whenever he walks in.’

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