WhatsApp Unveils Exciting Chat Filter Upgrades

WhatsApp recently introduced chat filters to help users organize their conversations effortlessly. Whether on WhatsApp web or mobile, chats are now divided into All, Unread and Groups, making navigation easier and allowing you to access conversations with your favorite contacts more quickly.

Additionally, a dedicated filter for group chats simplifies the process of tracking messages across different groups. However, according to recent reports, the messaging platform is gearing up to further improve its chat filter feature.

According to a report from WA Beta Info, the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android, version, suggests that WhatsApp is trying to give users more autonomy in managing their device’s storage. WhatsApp expands on the previous introduction of chat filtering features and allows users to filter conversation lists specifically for storage management.

The upcoming update will offer users the ability to filter conversations or channels directly in the storage management section. This enhancement will allow users to focus on specific types of content. By separating conversations and channels, users can easily recognize which content is consuming the most storage space on their devices, allowing for simplified cleaning procedures and storage optimization.

This feature is especially useful in situations where users maintain multiple accounts or channels with similar names and icons, which can lead to confusion when organizing storage.

By implementing this new filtering system, WhatsApp allows users to differentiate between different types of content, reducing the likelihood of accidental deletion or mishandling of important data.

The chat filtering feature designed for storage management, which is currently available to a limited number of beta testers, is accessible through the latest beta update of WhatsApp for Android on Google Play Store.

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WhatsApp intends to progressively expand the availability of this feature to a wider audience in the coming days, guaranteeing better accessibility and improved storage management features for all users.

Meanwhile, recent reports suggested that WhatsApp is preparing to implement a feature aimed at dealing with suspicious accounts.

As previously reported by WA Beta Info, WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature that imposes restrictions on certain user accounts. According to the source WhatsApp is experimenting with a feature that allows temporary restrictions about sending messages to violators. The report states that when an account faces restrictions on WhatsApp, users will temporarily lose permission to start new chats due to specific violations.

However, restricted users will still be able to receive messages and join ongoing conversations within existing chats and groups, ensuring that basic communication continues without interruption. This expected feature is to be introduced in an upcoming app update.

The report further elaborates that the account restriction feature is built to deal with abusive behavior, spam-related actions and violations of WhatsApp’s terms of service. To detect such behavior, WhatsApp uses automated tools that examine patterns of behavior without accessing the content of messages and calls thanks to end-to-end encryption.

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