WhatsApp Unveils Exciting New Favorite Chats Filter

We are working on an update that will make finding the most used chats a breeze. According to WABetainfo, the app will soon let you mark chats as favorites. This feature allows you to access your favorite chat list without going through the entire chat list. It is currently being tested in a beta program, so it may take some time before it is available.

Not only can testers add favorite chats, but they can also try out some other filtering options. Once approved by developers, testers will be able to experiment with filtering unread messages and even specific groups. This will give them even more control over how they view their chats.

WhatsApp Favorites Chat Filter

Last WhatsApp beta for Android introduces a feature that allows users to mark their most frequently used chats as favorites. This filter aims to improve the user experience by allowing users to separate their regular contacts from others.

This feature can be considered as an improvement to the current chat pinning option. Currently, WhatsApp only allows you to pin up to three chats at the top.

Reports suggest that WhatsApp will soon add a new filter to its user interface. Right now, you can choose to view All Chats, Unread Messages, or just Groups. The update will introduce a fourth option: Favorites. This allows you to easily find the most important chats without having to go through everything.

How does it work?

WABetaInfo shared a screenshot showing Favorite chat feature. The description of the feature in the screenshot reads: «Make it easier to find the people and groups you care about most on WhatsApp.»

With this feature, users can manually add chats to their favorites by selecting an option called «Add to Favorites». In the screenshot, this option appears at the bottom of the page.

WhatsApp beta testers can now favorite chats for easier access. This allows you to organize your chats and quickly find the ones you use the most.

Upcoming WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp is currently developing a number of updates. Reports suggest that the app is improving the community feature by introducing the ability to create reminders of upcoming events. This new addition is designed to help community administrators keep members informed and engaged by allowing them to set event reminders.

With this upcoming feature, an event reminder option will allow admins to notify group members of scheduled events in advance.

In a separate update, WhatsApp has increased the maximum duration voice messages in Status update. Currently, users can record a 30-second voice message, but with this update, the duration will increase to one minute.

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