Which websites are the best to watch K-dramas for free?

If you’re looking for a good site to watch all your favorite K-dramas for free, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of websites where you can watch Korean TV shows, dramas and movies:

  1. View Asian
  2. They believed
  3. DramaCool
  4. KissAsian
  5. MyAsianTV
  6. Viki
  7. HiTV
  8. I see
  9. Kshow123
  10. Netflix
  11. Hulu
  12. Amazon Prime

In the recent past, the Korean entertainment industry has seen a massive rise in popularity worldwide. People are always looking for resources to watch content, especially sites where it is translated into multiple languages, preferably English.

This article provides an overview of which sites have the most potential for different types of K-dramas, as well as many other content such as variety shows, survival shows, and daily life shows.

Which websites are the best to watch K-dramas for free?

These websites are targeted to upload the latest to the oldest dramas to watch for free. Everything you need to know about these sites is detailed below.

View Asian

ViewAsian is the best choice watch K-dramas for free. If you want to watch all K-dramas released even 30 years ago, ViewAsian has them in its archive.

All you have to do is search the web for the show you want to watch.

View Asian is not limited to dramas only, if you like K-Pop and want to watch documentaries released on OTT platforms and cinemas, e.g. BTS memories, ++ TXT line, (G)I-DLE Hashtalk, etc; it’s all available at View Asian.

Content from other Asian countries (India, Japan, China, Taiwan, etc) is also available.

They believed

Bilibili was launched about 14 years ago and is based in China. You can watch, upload and download any content you want.

It has recently become a good site to watch K-dramas for free. It has no ads and runs very smoothly on a good internet connection.

However, unless the drama is uploaded here by third parties, you cannot watch it. So that’s a minor drawback. You can also find shows from other countries in various other languages.

Here is application version available where you can stream shows on 1080p and you can also purchase the premium version which allows you to download as much as you want for free and other benefits.

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Watch K-dramas


DramaCool saw 2016 K-dramas fever and he was a constant companion of people who are avid drama watchers.

It is a free resource with four different K-drama streaming domains to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted service for users. There are several third-party servers that support streaming DramaCool.

Watch K-dramas


It is one of the oldest websites to make K-dramas with English subtitles available worldwide. KissAsian he has a long list of K-dramas in his system.

However, the website contains advertisements (popup and in video) and may have redirect links when accidentally clicked. You can avoid this by using a VPN. We will get to that later in the article.

Watch K-dramas


Another popular K-drama streaming site is MyAsianTV. The layout of the site is very similar to other resources. However, its use is very convenient because all shows are sorted by genre, release date and popularity.

Note: There are pop-up ads and redirects that will take you to unprecedented websites.

Watch K-dramas


Vikibased in America, is a video streaming site that features a variety of content created in Asian countries.

You will also find the latest K-dramas news updates regularly Viki. Compared to other sources, Viki has less content to stream.

Watch K-dramas


HiTV is a mobile application dedicated to K-dramas and shows. For better quality and more range of content, you need to download the app on your Android device.

The good news is that it’s free. The bad news is that it’s only available on Android devices right now.

Watch K-dramas

I see

Launched in Hong Kong in 2015, the Viu app has been a constant partner for K-drama fanatics. It is available at Android, Windows, iOS and macOS platform.

It is available in 16 countriesincluding Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.

If you live outside of the countries listed, you can use a VPN to access the content. A VPN helps you bypass geo-restrictions by changing IP addresses.

Watch K-dramas


Another popular source for watching Korean TV shows from both cable and OTT platforms. However, Kshow123 has a lot of adswhich can make streaming a bit difficult.

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Watch K-dramas

Paid apps and websites to watch K-drama

Some of the most popular K-dramas come from massive OTT platforms. Whether it’s a romantic pursuit Our beloved summer or Crash Landing on You or as mystery thrillers Luck and popular among people Squid gameall were released exclusively on the day Netflix.

Amazon Prime and Hulu have stepped up their game and brought back older K-dramas while also releasing some new ones. However, you may need a secure and trusted VPN to unblock region-locked content on these platforms.

If you are traveling and lose access to these streaming sites, VPNs are the best secure way to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment from anywhere in the world. Most VPN apps support it Android and iOS platforms.

However, these three resources require a paid monthly subscription with added features for an audience that loves to watch at their own pace and time.

Watch K-dramas

Why do you need a VPN to watch K-dramas for free?

K-drama websites and apps that you can watch come with certain obstacles, such as geo-restrictions, unavailability and annoying ads and pop-ups.

A VPN service is the perfect solution. A virtual private network or VPN has all the features you need to avoid problems as such. Check out the features that make streaming your favorite K-drama easier and more fun.

Bypass geographic restrictions

Resources like I see and Hulu they are limited to certain locations so they cannot be streamed in many countries. With a VPN, you can overcome this challenge.

When you connect your device to a VPN, it gives you a range of servers. You can choose the location server where the website or content you are looking for is available.

Once you connect to the server, your original IP address will change to the server you connected to. To onlookers, you appear to be in this location instead of the original location, allowing you to view content undisturbed.

Ad blockers

On free websites, the amount of pop-up ads can be overwhelming. So you have a VPN to the rescue.

VPNs create encrypted tunnels for data transmission, so they have the ability to block any unnecessary ads or viruses from getting through to you, making your experience smooth and user-friendly.

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Security and privacy

Due to ads and third-party resources, it is not safe to continue streaming without a shield. A VPN will do it for you. As previously mentioned, a VPN creates a secret passage through which your information can pass without any problems.

Top VPNs use the AES-256 encryption system for maximum security along with features such as Kill-Switch, split tunneling, etc.

Bypass ISP speed and bandwidth restrictions

Your ISP can see what you do online and have access to control your internet speed. They mostly limit the amount of internet and limit the bandwidth you can use while streaming or playing games.

Using a VPN helps you get rid of bandwidth throttling as it encrypts all your data and internet usage. In addition, it changes your IP address to a different one, so your ISP doesn’t know if you’re using their network.

Symlex VPN – The perfect VPN for streaming

Now you might be wondering how difficult the task would be to find a VPN that will meet your criteria. Do not worry; we have a perfectly safe and trusted VPN for you.

Symlex VPN has all the features you need to ensure complete safety and security, block unwanted ads and overcome geo-restrictions. It is used AES-256 encryption system and has a wide range of servers around the world.

Protocols include WireGuard, Shadowsocks, OpenVPN, OpenConnect, IPSec and many others. It has an integrated ad blocker in its system. In addition to these, Symlex VPN has a 24/7 customer support help at any time.

The spectrum of K-dramas has expanded a lot in recent years. From romantic comedies to clichés to unexpected mystery thrillers, they have it under their wings. As well as the number of people who follow them around the world.

You have to choose any website from the list and start watching your favorite drama instead of thinking where to watch K-drama for free.

And don’t forget to use a VPN for your maximum safety and security, block ads and watch dramas limited to certain countries.

Go go! Doctor Slum it’s about to fall!

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