Wil Powell: Shocking twist in football star’s homophobic overdose scandal as new evidence comes to light after breaching huge ban

Wil Powell appeared to use homophobic language on social media before abusing his football rival last Sunday after Instagram screenshots emerged.

Gold Coast Suns star Powell, 24, copped a five-match ban after calling a Brisbane opponent a «f****t» during his team’s weekend defeat, further highlighting Fota’s homophobia problem.

Powell follows Jeremy Finlayson to the sidelines, with the Port Adelaide star using the same slur in the game against Essendon.

And according to the Sydney Morning Herald, Powell is accused of making homophobic comments on the former player’s sideline Instagram photos.

The comments were made public about three years ago, with the relationship between Powell and the player unclear and whether the comments were made in jest.

Screenshots of messages apparently sent by Wil Powell have surfaced

Some comments included «probably lost because gay», «you can’t surf gay», «gay» and «pink suits you».

Powell begged for forgiveness for the remark during Sunday’s game and promised to better educate himself.

The Suns declined to make an official comment to the Sydney Morning Herald about the online posts, but said the language used would form the basis of his anti-homophobia education.

Meanwhile, Ian Roberts – the first rugby league player to come out as gay – believes the AFL has a problem with homophobic attitudes.

«Education at a young age is the biggest sword and shield in dealing with things like this,» he said.

“The battle is over with grown men. The basics are what’s important. The AFL and major codes should invest in basic education if they really want to solve this. That’s where it has to start – education, education, education.

«It never occurs to me to ‘f–‘ someone,» Roberts said. “When people say that word, they don’t just say it, they spit.

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«That is the height of insults. You are trying to demoralize someone. It diminishes a person that you are nothing, I will wipe you under my foot.

“It’s bigger than that incident. What I mean is, I can promise you that there will be a kid in the suburbs in the regional areas who may not have heard many stories in the last few weeks, but he sure has heard that story.

“If they’re struggling with their sexuality and identity and don’t understand what they’re going through, it validates all the fear they feel.

«I’m there (at Qtopia) because I believe in education, education, education to move it forward and the catastrophic consequences of what discrimination can do to people, what it looks like and how it can manifest itself.»

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