Will your next iPhone unfold like a book?

Apple is keeping its folding plans under wraps. Instead of rushing out with a foldable iPhone to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z series, they’re waiting for better technology. Recent rumors suggest that a foldable Mac or iPad could be their first attempt next year, with a foldable iPhone arriving later.

Apple keeps everything about unreleased products under tight wraps. They never comment on rumours, no matter how loud they are. But with Samsung? Leaks about their next Galaxy phone are practically like clockwork.

Samsung’s Z Fold 6 hints at a smoother foldable device, which may have an impact on Apple’s folding plans. This innovation is probably something that Apple would like to address before entering the foldable phone market.

Leaker Ice Universe claims testers are reporting a smaller crease on the next one Galaxy Z Fold 6 screen.

Although creases are not removed, according to testers, the Galaxy Z Fold6 reduces creases.

— ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) May 19, 2024

In the image above, you can see the crease on the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s foldable display. It’s also detectable by swiping your finger across the screen.

Bending of foldable phones like the Samsung models is a necessary evil. It’s a weak point, but it allows the screen to be dropped many times without breaking.

The fold isn’t unique to Samsung’s foldable devices; it’s an industry-wide challenge. While other companies release phones with this fold, Apple may wait to launch a foldable device until they find a way to solve it.


Past reports suggest that the fold is a sticking point for Apple. Even their display supplier, Samsung, is said to be working hard to fix it.

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Samsung Display, the driving force behind iPhone and iPad Pro screens, also makes displays for Samsung’s foldable phones. Notably, they pioneered the thin and durable glass needed for foldable displays. While they do supply competitors, Apple’s future foldable iPhone could be a top priority given their existing partnership.

Apple won’t settle for generic parts. Their foldable display from Samsung will have to meet their specific requirements.

The iPad Pro OLED display situation is a good example of this. No other company currently uses Tandem OLED technology, and early reports suggested that Samsung was hesitant to produce them for Apple. In the end, Samsung changed its mind and provided OLED panels according to Apple’s specific requirements for the iPad Pro. LG also makes screens for OLED iPad Probut it’s clear that Apple prefers to be able to speak to the components it uses.

foldable iPhone

While Apple may explore other suppliers of its foldable devices, Samsung remains the pioneer in providing screens.

Apple’s attention will surely be caught by the rumored improvements in the Galaxy Z Fold 6, especially the less noticeable fold and thinner design. This leak suggests that Samsung could be addressing two key obstacles to foldable phones that are potentially affecting Apple’s approach to their own foldable devices.

Even with a minor crease, longevity remains an issue. Samsung needs to find a solution that does not compromise the life of the foldable display. Interestingly, a recent patent suggests that Apple could be researching self-healing display technology, potentially for future foldable iPhones.

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Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that LG is working with Apple to create an all-new foldable display for the upcoming iPad or Mac. This high-tech screen will have a diagonal of 18.8 to 20.25 inches and, unlike other folding displays, it will try to eliminate the folding crease. LG is said to be the exclusive supplier of these special panels.

The future of foldable screens looks bright, with advances aimed at creating a seamless experience that looks like a regular phone screen. We can see this starting with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 and similar devices from other brands and potentially even reach Apple foldable gadgets soon. These improvements indicate that there are several ways to tackle the creasing problem and pave the way for a more natural folding experience.

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