Your step-by-step guide to opening a US bank account as a foreigner with ZilBank

Opening a US bank account as a foreigner can be a simplified process with ZilBank, offering convenience and efficiency. Whether you are funding your US wallet for studies, business payments or health reasons, ZilBank provides a user-friendly platform. Below is a comprehensive guide detailing each step to ensure a hassle-free account opening.

Steps to open a US bank account with ZilBank:

Zilbank offers USA bank account for foreigners and the steps to successfully open this account are as follows.

Visit the ZilBank website or download the app:

Get started by accessing the ZilBank platform either through or by downloading the ZilBank app from your preferred app store.

Open an account with Passport:

Start the account opening process by entering your passport details. This step ensures a secure and verified identity.

Provide additional information:

Provide ZilBank with basic information, including your local phone number, ID card and, if available, your driver’s license. In addition, submit documentation supporting the purpose of funding your wallet in the US, such as a company incorporation document.

Wait for KYC approval notification:

ZilBank will perform a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. Once completed, you will receive an approval notification via SMS and email indicating successful verification.

Access to ZilBank App or WebApp:

Log in to the ZilBank app or web app using the credentials provided during the account opening process. This means moving to the next stage of account setup.

Upload proof of purpose:

Clearly describe the purpose of your US Wallet funding by uploading relevant documentation. Whether it’s for educational expenses, business transactions or medical needs, providing comprehensive proof will ensure a smoother process.

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Complete the process in 7 minutes:

ZilBank emphasizes efficiency and strives for a seamless process that can be completed within 7 minutes. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload the necessary documents and complete the account setup.

For faster approval:

To speed up the approval process, proactively email your proof of purpose documents to the address (email protected). At the same time, consider joining the live chat for real-time assistance from the ZilBank support team.

If you get stuck, contact support:

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions during the process, ZilBank offers support via email or live chat. Get immediate help to ensure a hassle-free account opening.


Opening a US bank account at ZilBank as a foreigner, it is designed to be fast and straightforward, with a focus on customer safety and satisfaction. By following these steps and providing the necessary documentation, you can enjoy the benefits of effectively managing your funds in the US.

Stay connected with ZilBank’s support channels and get all the help you need throughout the process to ensure a positive and successful banking experience.

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