zbete secures $5 million in funding, launches Mainnet to revolutionize Web3 development

Funding Alert

zbyte, the premium Web3 infrastructure platform, is proud to announce the launch of its mainnet. The milestone is supported by a $4 million capital raise, with an additional $1 million pledged by major investors including Cartography Capital and Quarterback Financial.

Introduction zbte mainnet features an innovative low-code, no-code module that revolutionizes Web3 development. This module allows Web2 developers to seamlessly create decentralized applications (dApps) without requiring extensive retraining. Zite’s pioneering approach addresses the developer shortage in the Web3 space and offers a user-friendly platform for rapid dApp development across various public blockchains. Recognizing India as one of the largest developer markets globally, zbete plans to capitalize on this opportunity through its campus chain program with various universities. The team has already conducted several hackathons in India which have contributed to the development of various dApps.

Co-founder Krish Kupathil points out, “We’re not just building a platform at all; we are shaping the future of Web3 development. Our core network is designed to empower developers and bring Web2 the ease and familiarity of Web3. We are excited to see how this will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology.”

This funding boost will accelerate their ambitious plan, engage diverse communities of talented developers, host hackathons, bring the power of Web3 to businesses and developers across multiple domains and use cases by leveraging the power of the zbete platform while aggressively decentralizing and empowering the zbete community. .

zbete’s DPLAT (Decentralized Platform) protocol is a feature-rich public token infrastructure that includes API-based access, support for multiple Layer1 blockchains, connectors to Web2 systems, and the ability to use dApps with near-zero or configurable gas fees. The platform provides portability of digital assets across blockchains and native ZKP-based privacy, all in one package.

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Dan Quintero of Cartography Capital said: “Investing in the rest was a strategic decision for us. Their vision of bringing Web3 to the masses and their commitment to simplifying the development process is truly groundbreaking. We believe zbete will become a key player in expanding Web3 adoption.”

DPLAT by zbyte is accessible at and has an ever-growing community of contributors and creators. Several entities are already building on the platform, including zblocks, a web3 consumer engagement platform for major brands, f*word, a suite for digital fashion creators, and Genovatic, a professional services company driving blockchain adoption in many enterprise use cases. DPLAT also supports leading blockchains such as Avalanche and Polygon today, with an MOU announced with the soon-to-be-integrated PWR chain.

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